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I watched the latest DomainSherpa review episode yesterday. Shane mentioned that we sometimes check to see if a name is registered. I want to expand on that a little bit as it’s beneficial to understand the reasoning behind any technique so you can refine it to your own needs.

First, I usually only use this if I need to quickly find names with value amidst a multitude of crap.  The reason I use, is because it’s the most used English extension besides the old GTLD’s, it might even be more used than some of them. I don’t mean registered but used with actual sites on the domain.

This is valuable information because the usage trims down SLD’s, (well third level in the case of giving you more value for your time than say .net.  Dot net, while worth looking at has more junk registered as well as defensive and non English registrations.  You can use this concept with any English CC Tld  like .Ca or and if you’re looking for .com’s in other languages you can compare the lists to whichever language/cctld you’re looking for.

Sometimes it’s just a bonus metric to use as a sort of confirmation that a name you’re looking at might be worth picking up. If you’re looking at a name and think, hmmm I like that one but I’m not sure, see if one of the English cctld’s is being used.

This is by no means some definitive answer, for or against your ability to sell the name in the future. It’s simply a tool, a piece of the puzzle, to consider as you’re searching for value.

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Main List

The No Bid List  recert training, con ed, several names for his concept  Some sort of tool that helps you determine the difference between original and reproduced antiques   Gets you in the gate but has no frills  The newspaper that’s all about bit shit Where ninjas learn to be ninjas  trade on the blockchain cannabis product, add it to your coffee  Media sent to you by those in charge  determines the level of the crypto  Keep your info to yourself  No longer makes you money  Has extra options  Go with confidence  A very large spa facility Very complicated with lots of rules. I worked in a kosher kitchen at Kibbutz Lotan in the Negev. It’s hard keeping track of meat and dairy products. Then there’s meat that’s not really meat like fish. Don’t even think about eating a cheeseburger.  A group that likes being outside  Everyone knows at least one crazy old guy  A drink with THC products for better sleep  a service or product that helps you stop using credit cards  Fuel made from plants that can run anything  sell rabbit feet and shamrocks

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Godaddy Value BIN

Godaddy Value BIN

Available Names

Available for Reg Fee big list

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