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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday October 24th, 2018


It’s been an interesting week in domain investing.  Oliver Holger is suing Konstantinos of Online Domain over his articles about the Namejet bidding.  Actually its really not been very interesting lately and that’s why this is news.  While I try to stay out of the drama of the domain industry now days this case may prove to be interesting.   I and many other domain investors have had our run in with Konstantinos over the years and I too was about to seek a legal take down at one point on things said about me at his blog.  Slander can often be masked by opinion and free speech but anything said must be proven to be completely true or consequences should be paid.  I had people calling me a pedophile and other ridiculous things in the comment sections.  Konstantinos eventually took most of the things down.  In one instance of the comment writer actually asked that some be taken down because they looked back and felt bad about what was written.   The blog had become a free for all where anything could be said.  It turned from “telling it like it is” to saying anything you want.  In my opinion, the way it was going it was just a matter of time before someone sued.  The positive in all this is now Konstantinos gets to pay to find out if Oliver Holger did illegal things at Namejet.   He gets to answer all the questions and accusations.  Its going to be expensive but to win its something he has to do.   My guess is he’ll cave and just take it all down eventually.  Oliver Holger must feel pretty strong that he did nothing wrong because he opened everything all back up with the lawsuit. Another thing that struck me is the lack of comments on the matter.  Nobody wants to touch this one.  I wouldn’t want to either and like everyone else, will be on the sidelines watching them fight it out.  Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price


Quote of the Day:  “Listen earnestly to anything [your children] want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff.”  -Catherine Wallace

Domain of the Day:   I think the over under on this one is $8K .  Just screams mobile payment platform


 Namejet and Sedo Names and Others   Met reserve and will sell.    Between the Chinese loving the 8 and the short domain this one should do pretty well,, and all at auction from this portfolio   Getting close to the reserve.    CVCV continue to do well at auction  Reserve should be hit in the next few bids.   Cost is nothing compared to revenue it could generate  Reserve under $500.   For the price as memorable as any wine name I’ve seen H for holdings.  Only 19 bidders   Has a $99 reserve.  Should sell 🙂    Met reserve.  Like most short LL names, we’ll probably look back and think these were cheap   if there is anything the Germans know its cars and Beer

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   All has some value.    The cheapest all year was the terrible letter or $201.  This is much better than that  Where most shopping is done for cars before they actually visit the dealership  I think delivery or transportation when I read this   Would be an upgrade for the crunchbase listed    Marketing and branding company all the way  I don’t like it.  Its AdMarket .   Adding an S makes no sense.  But look at the bids  Nice positive name.  Good for marketing  Get an IP or trace an IP.  Almost at 4 figures   Probably my favorite name on the Godaddy list today.  Not sure why. I don’t even know.  Although I do love Bees and leg waxing   The people will like this one  Getting lots of bids which is ironic because I feel deep thinking is a rare trait right now   Could be anything.  I don’t think this actually goes to a money bank as an enduser though   I just met with one of these at Best Buy.  Pretty sure he was only a guru compared to people that know nothing about tech and wifi  If it sounds like a Native American Chief then its a good brand  Good enough .info to have some value.  3 or 4 bidders agree   You can tell its a charity name instantly  I know my family spends hours per week watching cooking videos and shows online.  yet I still get tacos and chili constantly



Godaddy Domains With No Bids  Can’t believe this isn’t taken.  Its been a political platform for centuries  Because something will probably be named this but might be confused with the salad dressing which is Hidden Valley Ranch  Sounds like an online game.  No bids  No bids on the this canna name  Pushing it a bit but could be Name ish.   Probably NAM ish  Sounds like something that will last forever   I can see this in the fertilizer section of my store Because putting reliable in the name makes the reliable I hear ads all the time for farming products that have much worse names than this one   Don’t wait for the coals, be ready



The Rest of the Names With Bids

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  1. Yes, Native American Chief domains make cool brands! One of my first domains was LongWolf//com, an actual Sioux Chief that fought at Little Big Horn and of all places ended his days in London, England. I love it and will renew it forever. 🙂

  2. “I had people calling me a pedophile and……”

    Wow! Where does that come from?

    I would want to choke the jerk that wrote that.

    1. Paul,

      He has since apologized. I said jokingly on Sherpa what I like about living at U of Illinois is “I get older and the girls stay the same age” which was quote from Dazed and Confused. And I agree with everything you said. Except he keeps them on topic. He lets people bash on people he doesn’t like. He also allows statements like (and just made this up) I wouldn’t be surprised if Konstantinos had been kicked off Namejet for not paying for his auctions” A statement that most likely isn’t true, written as opinion, but certainly sticks with the reader because they only remember the second part. That’s why I said a lot of damage can be caused in the guise of freedom of speech and opinion. But I do agree with you on all your points. Thanks for sharing them.

      1. As fyi, I don’t really know Konstantinos personally and I evaluate each situation differently. There is always he said she said and in the digital world it’s a net negative imo.

        I have had issues over the years with deleted posts because often they involve my thought and my time, which = money. Some domain investors do care about educating new investors and not leading them astray. Others do not care. I’m not here to judge.

        Several years ago I had contact with Konstantinos and he was very respectful. There was a video posted on his site from .club that mentioned “super bowl special” or something of the sort. At the time the NFL was my client. Naturally I had a problem with trademark infringement. No one can capitalize on the trademark “super bowl” for American football purposes regardless of how unrelated their business is to football. Doesn’t matter if you agree or not, that is the law if you are publishing/advertising, especially to US citizens/IP addresses. I stated so on his blog and my comment was deleted.

        I sent an email to his contact and he was open, honest, respectful. He said it was not deleted intentionally and I took his word on that. Have never had a problem posting on since regardless of how controversial the topic. I respect that.

        Have no dog in any of these gossip fights. Sometimes in business your worst enemy becomes your best friend, and vice versa. It’s up to each respective businessman to decide when it becomes personal vs business. For me its just business unless my family is involved.

  3. Gotta disagree, this is not interesting news. More like gossip. Namejet had shill bidders and admitted so in a press release. That was interesting, factual news that affected a lot of investors over the years. Myself included.

    As a strong proponent of free speech I respect that does not erase other peoples’ comments as long as they are on topic. Cant speak to the “pedophilia” comments off topic. But I do know my comments have been deleted on quite a few blogs over the years because they didn’t fit in with the author’s narrative or pocket book. Even the “Domain King” is guilty of this.

    If something is libelous the courts will handle it. Otherwise if one doesn’t like what someone writes or comments don’t visit their site.

    I don’t know oliver hoger and have never done any business with him. A foreigner suing a native in their own country doesn’t seem very smart unless evidence is clear cut. Good to see that offended party is taking the correct avenue via the court system, unfortunately, seems like a big waste of money since offended party apparently admitted it himself on public message board.

  4. Hi Shane — I liked your landing pages for and Are those landing page from EFTY? Thanks, Carl

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