DomainFest Drops Price All The Way Down to $495

Jan 24 2014

I was perusing the DomainFest Website to see if any more info had been added and saw that the price had dropped today.  All the way down to $495 until the end of January.  The key to the success of Namescon was the incredible price. It was hard not to go with everything being so cheap.  Looks like DomainFest is going to try and keep the same strategy.

I’m not sure how they’re going to do it.  Namescon did it through a cheap venue and no food and only sponsored parties.  There was a downside to the strategy.  You had to leave The Tropicana to get any food.  Not a far walk but a walk.  I found myself skipping meals because I talked to too many people at the break.  Of course I’d rather talk than eat, I can eat anytime.  DomainFest is known for its lunches.  The lunches are some of the best conversation you’ll have a conference.  You can even dine with an expert and I got to eat with Mike Berkens, Braden Pollock and hang with Kim Kardashian.  Dinners have always been pretty good as well.  Throw in a few good parties and it looks like domain conferences are now a good deal.   Again, it’s going to be hard to pull all that off for $500.

The only bad deal…… I can’t go.  Just too much going on for me that week.


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