The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received Was From Dot Co: Aka How Dot Co Made Me Thousands of Dollars

Jan 24 2014

One of the most precious items I own was courtesy of Dot Co back in 2010.  It was the beginning of the Dot Co era and they were just starting the advertising push that would eventually become the standard for which all new tlds would strive. During TRAFFIC 2010, while Rick Latona was nervously worrying about why his auction imploded and Merlin Kauffman was spending all his money on, I grabbed a few of these

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  A spiral notebook with an aluminum cover.  But don’t pretend it’s just any old notebook. It’s indestructible and has lasted for four years when most notebooks would just tatter and run for the garbage.  For the past four years I have used that notebook every day.  I write down my ideas, domains I want to bid on at the last minute, and reminders.  No doubt it’s made me thousands of dollars through those notes. Buy, written in the book.  Start a list called The Book of Ten….thought of in the book.  Tell Adam Strong he would look good with a beard, …in..the…book. Tell Adam I was wrong, wrote it down last week.  I have always had problems staying organized before that notebook but I have gotten much better since.  I’m still terrible, but with my little aluminum buddy I am usually within two days of the real day of the week.

And while most of you worry about getting shot, I have no such issues. You see the dings on it?   Bulletproof.  Once I was mistaken by the Feds for a young John Zuccarini and they sprayed me with gunfire.  Thank God for my aluminum Dot Co notebook or I would not have been alive and Michael Cyger and I would not have taken The Tropicana for $80 last week at the craps table and put them on the brink of bankruptcy.

But that’s not the best use of this thing.  I also use it daily for this.

That’s right. It is simply the best underlining ruler I’ve ever had.  Straight as a string and the aluminum stays true year after year.  I use the front of the notebook to divide lines in paperwork that I’m reading.  Some of my printouts come in long forms that are tough to read for an old man so I use the aluminum top to divide and work my way down.  Can you imagine how much money I could have lost if I mixed up two lines and priced things incorrectly.  My Lovely Linda Rose and Water Gloves could have accidently been priced at $2.00 instead of $14.  All thanks to dot co

So while I have never made any money in the resale market with dot co and I only own one domain (loved how it flowed verbally).  They have led me to a life of riches.  Mental, physical, and financial protection in a domain industry that is usually full of risk. And for that I will always be on team dot co….at least until I run out of paper

PS: Can’t wait to see how .sexy tops this

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