Domains Are Cheap: The Cost of a 30 Second TV Commercial in 2018

Oct 07 2018

Adage recently released the cost of a 30 second TV for 2018 and the results are as expected.  One, popular shows are the most expensive.  Popular LIVE shows, namely Football, are by far, the most expensive.  Here’s a list of the top ten shows based on ad cost for a 30 second ad.







Sunday Night Football

Thursday Night Football

This is Us

The Big Bang Theory


Young Sheldon

The Voice (Mon)

Grey’s Anatomy

The Conners

The Voice (Tues)

All Data courtesy of AdAge.  Full List HERE

This makes a premium domains look cheap.  The run cost is just part of the cost to run a commercial.   One, this is ONE running of the commercial.  One.  There likely will be multiple runs across various programs.  They also have production costs which can be as high as another $100K.   Actors have to be paid every time it shows.  Brand awareness is part of the reason for a commercial but there is no better way for a consumer to find out more about that product than to be carried to a website.  A memorable domain name is the key to that retention.   Spending hundreds of thousands per run on the commercial and $500 on the domain makes no sense.  Like buying a Ferrari and putting Wal-Mart tires on it.   Putting in five to six figures into the domain is fair in relation to the overall cost of an advertising run.   Even a marketing name purchased just to fit the commercial for one time use could justify a 10K buy based on percentage of commercial cost.

National advertising is expensive.  A high quality domain should be as well.  The owner has it forever and your competitors can not have it.  It can be used for all forms of media and is the home of everything a business does.  It should cost more than one commercial or ad campaign.  Many companies are figuring this out and the those that do will own the Internet.  The Internet owns the home.


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  1. Tony

    This same point has been made many times before but it’s good to see the updated rates. However, it’s content that is king, not the venue. It’s the Superbowl that allows your ad to be seen by 40 million people at once not the channel it’s on. That is why this is not an exact parallel.

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