Domain Spotlight:

MarketingLand’s research of the ads played during the Superbowl proved what we thought would eventually happen, companies are promoting their URL/domain instead of Facebook and hashtags.  According to MarketingLand, out of the 66 ads played during the Superbowl, only 20 displayed a hashtag while 26 displayed a domain name.

While it appears that not all companies are figuring it out, it seems that they may finally realize that taking the traffic back to their own entity may be the best way to go.   Especially if you want to sells something. Hundreds of thousands even millions will come back and watch a video or peruse what you are selling.   The fact that every ad didn’t have a URL tells me that companies still have a long way to go when it comes to marketing.

Here is the final count of mentions

  • Total national ads (kickoff to end-of-game): 66
  • Hashtags in ads: 20 total, in 30 percent of ads overall
  • URLs in ads: 26 total, in 39 percent of ads overall
  • Twitter in ads: 5 total, 8 percent of ads overall
  • Facebook: 4 total, 6 percent of ads overall
  • Instagram: 4 total, 6 percent of ads overall


Hat tip to Gene for the article and to read the entire study you can go HERE

Domain Spotlight: