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We are going to close the submissions for our 2nd auction this Sunday.  The auction will start approximately the 3rd week in February.  For those of you that have already submitted we apologize for not communicating very well.   Between NamesCon and switch over from DomainShane to DSAD we have done a poor job of letting everyone know which names of yours we chose and didn’t choose.  We will let everyone know this weekend and communications from this point on will be much improved and even automated so that everyone knows where they stand and what DSAD is doing to help sell your name.   A few details

The most important:  Submission can be done through the banner ad right above this article on the top right of the page (or top of mobile)

  1.  Commission is 15%.  The exact same as if you submitted the name to Namejet yourself.
  2. We will handle the advertising.  Did you see any advertisements for the NamesCon auction except for a few mentions?  No.  But you will for our auction.  They will also be listed in our daily list.  We will be purchasing headlines on and other creative ways to get your names in front of potential buyers
  3. The names we choose will not be on quality but on their ability to sell at a Namejet auction.  You and we only get paid if they sell.  If we reject a name don’t take it personal, we are going on our own personal experience to choose the names.  Our previous auctions have had great sell through rates for our customers
  4. Names MUST be eligible to be transferred.  Meaning all locks and date restrictions have to be off.  No pushes unless its already at Enom.  Failure to make sure they can be transferred could lead to legal issues if the name sells and you can’t deliver.
  5. Names must have at least 3 months left in registration or Namejet will make you add a year to registration. At your cost.  Under $10 for a dot com so fair rates.
  6. Payment will be via paypal or Wire.  Wire includes a $30 fee
  7. We/NameJet pay on the 15th of the month AFTER the auction ends.  Be aware of the time frame.  It takes a little while but it is consistent and exact
  8. Not all new TLDS can be accepted.  Namejet does not have the ability to run all new Gs through their system.


Thank you and feel free to email with any questions about the auction

-Shane, Travis, Aaron, and Josh

Domain Spotlight:

4 Replies to “Last Call for the DSAD/NameJet Late Winter Auction Submissions”

  1. Hello
    I am considering sending some of my domain portfolio for consideration for inclusion in your sale.

    Can we use Paypal only for any sale transfer payment ? Not keen obviously on losing $30 for a Wire transfer.

    Thank you.

  2. It’s Sunday the 12…I’ve been trying for some time to hit the banner, search the web for submission point and nothing. Where are we suppose to submit the domains?

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