DomainShane Bowl – Week 1 Results

Sep 13 2011

First off I’d like to welcome our new writer, Mr. Richard Head. Every close nit group needs one anonymous team player to help do the dirty work that the rest of use either don’t want to do or just physically can’t . For those fans of the television show Top Gear, I’d like to think of Richard as our ‘Stig’, except instead of testing the limits of high-performance automobiles, he’s just an asshole.

On to the results of DomainShane Bowl – Week 1.

Remember when I said we’re going to have to work out some kinks? Well, kink #1 came today when I realized nobody from the team was actively watching and therefore nobody has any idea of what the auction ended at. If any readers know, please let us know. The results below are those excluding that auction.

Game Winners (ATS)

Ravens, Cowboys, Pats

Domain Auctions (O/U) – under, – over, Pylon – over


Shane – 5

Chris – 3

Tucker – 2

Shane is the big winner of week 1, and for his prize I have signed him up for the next Ironman event in just 25 days. Congrats Buddy.

For those of you interested in playing week 2, keep an eye out as games and domains will be posted later this week.

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