The Daily List of Dropping and Auctioned Domains 9/14

Sep 14 2011

Over the last two years of doing these domain lists I’ve actually found myself getting pretty good at predicting auction prices of domains. So good that it’s starting to help me make money.  For the first time I’ve started to buy domains that fall at prices far lower than what I think they are worth.  And how do I determine worth?  A domain to me is worth what it would sell for at a Namejet auction if it happened today. While I realize that they can often sell for more.  That is the true liquid value of a name in our present industry.  No onto the names that I think have worth. 1997 Birthday.  I think the name would translate to almost any type of site.  I thought I had tapeworm at one point but realized I was just hooked on heroin. Nobody seems to like this but me but early prevention is the key to preventing things. 23,000 hits according to Godaddy. A nice domain regardless.  I have no gaming status.  I was handed an ass whooping online on Xbox by a 12 year old that went by the handle “whacko turnip 69” Not in love with this one.  We’ll just have to see how things transpire.  Maybe I do like this one. It’s cool because it makes sound waves visible. One of the few dot infos I would buy. I think this goes for over $500 .  Of course it will now that I’ve posted it.  Matt, where’s my commission? Nothing like using a dot org to sell writings you can pass off as your own.  I guess if you don’t charge you could be considered a charity.

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  1. Neil Armstrong

    Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but you were still logged in as Richard Head when you wrote this…..

    Do like, but as I used to get funding from I’ve probably got an inbuilt bias on that one…

    Nice little list (as ever).

    1. Post author


      LoL. I do post Richard’s stuff for him. No way in Hell I’m letting him into the back end of the blog. We have an email and post relationship.

  2. Ms Domainer


    I’ll be interested in seeing what brings.

    I have

    It seems like a lot of people like A lot.

    Maybe I’ll jump in the auction as a looker, although it’s too rich for my budget.



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