DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday, August 24th 2015

Aug 24 2015
I don’t know what the hell happened but the bottom just dropped out of the dot co market today.  Practically the entire dictionary of dot co wasn’t renewed and is up for auction.  I am going to take a flyer on a couple keywords that I may be able to build out.  It looks like all the people that thought dot co was hype were completely right.  Looks like the new gTLDs. PS, make sure to check out the new DomainSherpa today and leave a comment.  Good or bad, I can take it 🙂  Here is today’s list.   I had a site that used to rank first for this term.  I won’t go into details. 18 years old  I know two girls with this name.  Doesn’t make it a popular name but officially makes it a name. 18 years old  I’m sure Odd Jobs comes to most people’s minds.  Or maybe its just me  At $600 and climbing   Another day of expiring is numeric order and going for over $500.  Somebody let some money get away   And another $600 5N.  Anyone have a time machine I can borrow for a day?  I’m just going to keep listing any that I think are worth buying.  The 400 visits per month don’t hurt   This is a dot co that I think is worth owning.  Nice keyword   This one isn’t too bad either   OK, now that I’m scanning the complete list,  there are quite a few here today that are worth taking a look at if you think dot co has legs in the future   Pepper could be a good brand.  Just have to deal with the leak in traffic   I’m actually bidding on this one  Might as well buy the whole damn vegetable isle  I like Sunday, it’s one of my top 7 days of the week  Nobody seems to want this one  My favorite of the whole dot co group  Save $100K by taking away the M  XL price  Going for 6 times most of the dot co if that tells you anything  I think it breaks $200 but not even close yet  And the ironic final dot co on the list.  Hasn’t even reached $20

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House.Rentals   Nice to see a new G hitting four figures…..or close to it   Millions worn every day.  At $10 despite the right column being full of ads for exact term  If you like .io you have to love this one .    The $50K buy it now tells me it will take a good bid to pry it from the seller’s hands   Big boy (big girl) name but again, knowing the seller you’re going to have to put in a good bid  I love it as a brand.  Now lets see what we have to do to buy it  It will sell, met reserve,  and everyone loves the double B.   Means Income in German and so naturally the .de is the perfect tld for the word. Great name and has met reserve

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now  Judging by the dorm rooms here on campus these are still a thing. 20 bidders  18 years old.  No bidders.  I think it makes a nice modern brand  Solid marketing name for anyone that wants to promote cycling. No bidders so it won’t cost too much   I love these types of  The key is having others that like it more  A four figure name IMO   One of the most valuable keywords so it will go a long way to establishing a resale market value for .xyz  I owned a few of these. Kept the baby and the cat off the stairs  I certainly smell rank……daily

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  1. Tom

    Who needed .com when .co was shorter, who needs .com when gtld’s exclude it, yet .com still continue getting record prices, between first, and taryn I can’t even win an auction anymore unless I mortgage my house.

  2. Bobby

    Shane, this happens every year.

    Look up past sales like and they were on august 20-24th. This is when the landrush .co’s drop. Nothing “happened”.

    Last year i was able to grab a very underrated name for $130 and sell it for $10k by January. I wait for today like Christmas.


    1. Tom

      One off sales can be dangerous, I have been sitting on some really generic since they went live back a few years ago, nothing but sub $500 offers, with the release of new gtlds, and the $25-30 renewal range I mean .co has taken a hit.

      As well before they had a marketing push, that gusto seems to have left now, you don’t want to put that $10K back in, and have it be dead money, which would make your entire investment invalid, always have to take money off the table.

      1. Bobby

        There are a couple of factors I look at when investing in .co –

        1. It’s got to be something that a startup will use. Something generic like is not interesting to me (just picked a random term). It’s gotta be a brand or a brandable word. See: and the recent sale of

        2. I look at the .com and see what’s there. If the obvious use for the .co will be the same as the developed .com, it’s not worth buying. If the .com is parked and the price is 5x-10x what I would sell the .co for, I’m interested. If the .com is developed in an entirely different way than the .co would likely be used, it’s also a decent sign.

        3. Make sure the potential usage will be something aimed at an audience age 30 and under. They don’t care about .co vs .com.

        I’ve bought like 6 .co’s, sold 4 of them.

        And this week I bought another 3 (so far…the day is young) and I think I’ll safely make $2500-$7500 on the lot. Not a home run but I’m small time. I need singles in between the home runs.


        ps. (the email I use for my posts on this forum is a .co)

  3. D

    It turned out that all these premium .co were from a single investor. I won and today i received an email from GoDaddy that the owner renewed the domain, most likely together with the rest of them (120 sold that day).

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