Q&A with Michael Ward of Uniregistry on Portfolio Management and Bulk Domain Searches

Michael Ward, Director of Registrar Operations at Uniregistry, sat down with us to discuss some of their latest features, and our conversation is recapped below.

Domain Shane (DS): Michael, thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with us. You said last week, “Uniregistry customers can now view 10,000 domain names per page and bulk search 5,000 domains at once.” What does this mean for domainers? What is the “view” vs the “bulk search”?

Michael WardMichael: Thanks for giving me this opportunity. Our registrar is built around simplicity and ease of use. Domain investors need a way to manage large portfolios. Our registrar interface allows our customers to view and manage up to 10,000 domains inside their account on a single page. Filters can also be set up based on domain attributes. Having the ability to filter based on extension, domain length, or upcoming expiration timeframe, to name a few, allows for efficient domain name management.

Bulk search gives visitors to Uniregistry.com the ability to search for a domain name availability up to 5,000 domains at a time.

DS: What types of people/companies have been requesting this, what are their objectives, and how are people using it?

Michael: Domain investors were asking for a more efficient way to manage their portfolios and a better way to add to it with bulk search functionality. A perfect example of how our bulk management functionality benefits domain investors is our Domain Tracker. This unique service allows customers to monitor domains at Uniregistry and domains at other registrars. This is especially helpful with managing domain expirations from a single interface. Our Domain Tracker also facilitates seamless transfers when customers are ready to consolidate their portfolio. We understand consolidation may not happen overnight. Our job is to make the process easier for customers when they are ready to transfer to us.

DS: Why couldn’t people do this before? Can they do it anywhere else?

Michael: Our registrar is less than 2 years old. Our first goal in creating Uniregistry was to build the critical infrastructure needed to register and transfer domains. Along the way, we solicited feedback from our customer base and asked them what their pain points were with their existing registrar. The registrar space is highly competitive. For us to be able to enter into it at this stage, we needed to make sure we not only offer compelling services and features that may or may not be available in the marketplace, but that we do it better than the competition. This goal has helped us become a top 20 registrar.

DS: What extensions does bulk search work with?

Michael: Our bulk search feature works with any of the over 300 extensions available at Uniregistry.com.

DS: Does Uniregistry offer bulk transfer tools?

Michael: Our transfer process allows you to transfer up to 5,000 domains at a time. The real benefit of our transfer process is transparency. Our transfer resolution center gives you complete visibility into the various stages your transfers are in. We also notify you to when action is needed on your part to process the transfer. We guide you along the way and don’t leave you in the dark.

DS: How would someone get started?

Michael: Anybody can open a free account Uniregistry. Our Domain Tracker and bulk tools are free to all account holders.

Beyond registering for a free account I invite any new customer to give us a test drive, either by transferring a domain to us or registering a domain in any one of our discounted extensions. One domain in your Uniregistry account will show you the benefits of our domain management tools and will convince you to transfer the rest of your portfolio to us.

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