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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Saturday , December 6th

Here are today’s names.

Congratulations to Braden Pollock and Lisa Bloom who tied the knot yesterday.  You meet all kinds of people in this industry and Braden is one of greatest guys I’ve met so far.  You can tell the worth of a man by how he treats your Mom and Braden was the first to greet, talk, and share with my Mom when I brought her to the conference.  He was already a friend but I found new respect for him.  I have no doubt that Lisa will treated as well the rest of her life.  Congrats Braden, a wedding present is on its way.  I hope you like plants.   Here are today’s names.  Sounds like something you could sell for $3 and make for a nickel.  No bidders.  I don’t know much about rejection but the price seems good  16 years old.  A lot of different uses.  Payment, actual wire.  And all of it is small   No bidders.  At $12 worth a buy to flip later  185,000 backlinks can’t be bad  Best 5 number dot com on the board today  I researched this one fully and there is some traffic to be had here

Finally a NEW Domain Code of the day. 39% OFF YOUR ORDER gd41124a   19 years old.  Anything natural is good ….or so I’m told   Because they are very safe  No need to explain this one.  Even sports teams come into play for this one  When sport gambling become legal this one will increase in value  What the new laws will allow investors on Kickstarter to do eventually   No bidders.  Nice startup name  Pending Delete.  The taxman cometh so get your year end in check  If you’ve ever been to one and seen their bill you’ll understand the value here  I think referee when I see this. But I’m watching football as I type this so I may be biased  I eat it every day. I think it deserves an organization.  Then again I am watching football. But that has nothing to do with it

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