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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Saturday November 29th

Over the last few months I’ve been playing this little game on Flippa.  There is a name that I would like to own that keeps going up for auction and not meeting reserve.  The first time I offered the owner a few hundred over the auction final in which I was the highest bidder. He rejected my offer but came back a few days later and said he would.  I to pass as I was still hurt by the first rejection :).  3 auctions later I am the high bidder every time and it’s a little less than the time before and my post negotiation offer is a little less.  I’d still like to own the name but it’s obvious that I’m the only one.  We’ll see how this plays out but it’s been a bit of cat and mouse. The owner obviously wants to sell it based on the four auctions but at this point he’s not interested in selling it to me at my offers.  I imagine that I’m going to have to come up a little and he’s going to have to come down.  Isn’t that crazy?  If we both just give a little and things will happen.   Funny how that seems to solve a lot of things.  Here are today’s names. No bidders. 16 years old.  Water will continue to be the most important resource on earth.  And science will play a big part  16 years old. Good letters.  Over under is $250.  I’ll go over  I don’t know what a shawk is but with no bidders its worth a gamble to buy it in case they breed a sheep with a hawk   Tons of Google results. No bids  Talk about pressure to get it right.  How’d you like to screw up a product for lawyers   Sounds like a good way to go through life. One bidder  I hope they mean killer as in good.  It’s pretty hard not to be.  Somebody is always going to be offended  $500 is the going rate for these. Under that by a few hundred

Finally a NEW Domain Code of the day. 39% OFF YOUR ORDER gd41124a  “Roads” in Spanish. 18 years old  18 years old.  L for league  Everyone knows what these are or at least have heard of them.  Tea and crumpets are two things that come to mind when we think of the English.  That and bad teeth  Loved playing this game at the arcade and carnival   Going to do very well  Trust in God but make your decisions on technicals  This name works well with a dot org  I’m sure some Labrador owners would want to own this for email alone

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