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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday 11/2/14

In a hurry so I’ll start the list off with a joke

He sits at the counter and notices an old cowboy with his arms folded, staring blankly at a full bowl of chicken congee.

After fifteen minutes of just sitting there staring at it, the young cowboy bravely asked the old cowboy, “If you ain’t gonna eat that, mind if I do?”

The older cowboy slowly turns his head toward the young wrangler and in his best cowboy manner says, “Nah, go ahead.”

Eagerly, the young cowboy reaches over and slides the bowl over to his place and starts spooning in it with delight. He gets nearly down to the bottom and notices a dead mouse. The sight was shocking and he immediately barfs up the congee back into the bowl.

The old cowboy quietly says, “Yep, that’s as far as I got, too.”

  Here are today’s names  Gets some traffic from something but I like it as a brand.  I can already see the logo.  Something blue, some border.  I know, I know, I should be a logo designer.  No time  Not much value but I have an idea for a great run.  A winter run where during the run spectators pelt the runners with snowballs.   Screw tough mudder.  This one would be tougher  We order all our vacuum bag for our Miele online.  And it’s from a place that’s real similar to this  College students spend a ton of money…..and so do their parents. 13 years old and no bidders  Illegal but I know people buy and use them  Most bids on the board today

Working Godaddy Domain Code of the day. $10 off PURCHASES OF $50 OR MORE ACOSKS65  A ton of companies could use this name as an upgrade  Great sports brand.  Deadball foul is something you hear in football all the time.  Better than DeadSpin  One of the best dot cc domains you can own.  My name.  Selling a few names to build out    No fours, two sixes, mid three figures…..or more  Going to do very very well.  Would not be surprised to see this move to five figures. Not saying it will but it wouldn’t surprise me When there are over 50 bidders on a you know its a nice name  The double 8’s bring the Chinese guys to yard and they’re like it’s better than 4s.  Another high end  I like it as a brand, especially for anything water sport related.  An acronym or a city in Nigeria.  I’ve met a few people from Nigeria. Always very giving  Cooking is king.  Everyone does it and some are passionate.  And that’s always a good demographic to be in   If you are going to buy a this is the kind you want to buy.  88=money   Asian and gambling go together as well as China as 8s

CAX DOMAIN OF THE DAY  Coming Later Today!!!!!

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details. *All names chosen by me, Shane, and the goal of this list is to have all links be paid through commission . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct

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4 Replies to “DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday 11/2/14”

  1. Shane.

    Could you explain how the “High bid” on Namejet works? Is the high bid really $69 with 27 bids on

    1. For Namejet, the initial bidding merely allows you to be part of the three day auction. You can put in a starting bid at whatever price you want but most just put in the minimum of $69. Others will put in more for various reasons. The initial bids preauction rarely have any impact on final prices

  2. “788,org If you are going to buy a this is the kind you want to buy. 88=money”

    788 ,org went for $ 900.

    1. Meyer,

      You’re missing some info here. For a numeric dot org this IS a big price. In general, Chinese do not buy dot org. Dot cn and dot cc rank higher than dot org in the Chinese market. If you want to make some money. Buy this name and then pawn it off to domainers that have no idea that dot orgs are garbage in the numeric world. In short, $900 is a good price considering.

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