Flippa – A Look Forward: Play.info, Friend.info Hit Reserve. Direction.com, QXN.com, Wrong.com, More

Nov 02 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sellplay

Play.info – A big keyword with a ton of different uses…..gaming, gambling, sports and more. Just cracked the 4-figure mark and moving higher.

Friend.info – The second nice .info from Federer (he has Play.info above); he just crossed the $325,000 mark for transactions on Flippa.

70 .com Domains – Several App domains, including BFFApp.com, RenewApp.com, and KissingApp.com, and then a mixture of others including Scoldings.com and iFinals.com.

CulturedTravel.com – Not a horrible name for a travel blog.

Reserve Not Met

Direction.com – A big name that’s hit $20k with two weeks to go, and with a BIN of $125,000.

GraphicDesign.org – Not the best extension for these keywords, but with a CPC over $10 and so much search volume (74,000 per month), there is value.

Wrong.com – I can’t immediately think how I’d use the domain, but others must have plans……bidding crossed 5-figures.

Turnkeys.com – I honestly hadn’t ever heard this word used in the plural, but bidding is still in the 4-figures.

Dilly.com – The word is in more website URLs than I would have expected. I think it’s missing the Dally.

15 LLLL.com Portfolio – Including JWEJ.com, OXSR.com, PZUY.com and more.

Kyro.com – 17 years old, and approaching the 4-figure mark.

Slak.com – Doesn’t pass the radio test, but that doesn’t seem to stop lots of start ups.

Gaka.com – Yet another LLLL.com that means “artist” in Japanese, per the listing.

QXN.com – Even LLL domains with a Q are skyrocketing. This already crossed $10k.

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