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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday 28th, 2014

I was looking through my Whois checks for the month to see which domains are getting the most checks and which aren’t getting any.  Trunk. com, my recent purchase is getting almost 600 checks a month with DomainShane being second at less than half that.  I was surprised by a few others in the top ten with and both being in the top 10.   I also use the checks to help decide which names to drop.  If I’m on the fence and it got no who checks I drop it.  My portfolio is pretty good right now so there are only two or three names I drop a year.  And those were mostly names I picked up for possible projects that I end up never doing not names I bought on drops or auction.  You probably don’t have that problem.  Thinking you are going to build something out and end up never doing it.   Enjoy your Sunday. Here are today’s names.  Opening bid is $100 and it’s worth that IMO. 18 years old  I am going to buy this to go with my I just bought……..unless you outbid me Nothing sexier than repeating Ks  According to Godaddy this gets 18K monthly visits.  I do love the dot com   I’ve seen worse dot infos go for more money  A functioning bracelet and jewelry business with a group of sites that have a pretty good base

YOUR GODADDY CHRISTMAS CODE: A 99 Cent TRANSFER GOFDAU10  Already at $1600…… but it will sell for more Surprised this one has under 40 bidders.  Very easy to remember and type.  If someone offering you a job says “wanna” …..Don’t take it, you’ll probably be breading bats to sell as chicken.  Sell it to Woody Harrelson  Vegans are very emotional about their choices and will go to any site that supports their lifestyle.  Trust me I know.  I have neighbor around the block that has a second cousin in Virginia that’s a vegan  Sounds like a documentary. I think there are only 14 bidders because the domain is actually not that flattering  One of the better solar power names I’ve seen in a year  Surfboards, snowboards, skateboards   Pretty obvious here.  Put the seating chart of every stadium in the world.  Could probably just hand sketch them all in a few days  Will do well.  Short and pretty  This one is actually doing better than the above   Nothing more exciting than talking about bitcoin mining.   Poker names aren’t what they used to be but they still have great value.  This is one of the better poker names in a while  Not sure if there is enough business in this category to have it’s own web site. No bidders Surprised how high this ones gotten before actually going to auction  Videogames have knocked yoyo sales down a bit but still a market

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