Flippa – A Look Forward: Thiamin.com, PPCSecrets.com hit reserve. Monitoring.com, iMall.com, more

Dec 28 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sellthiamin

Thiamin.com – Buy a vitamin (thiamin = Vitamin B1) for a BIN of $2,000, or wait to the end of this no reserve auction and see if you can get it for cheaper. Bidding crossed $700 in a prior listing, but didn’t meet reserve.

Crowdfunding.io – This extension isn’t my thing, but they’ve been selling well lately.

PopularVacation.com – Approaching $x,xxx. Lead gen for vacations and associated needs (hotels, airfare, etc) is big business.

PPCSecrets.com – 12 year old PPC domain…perhaps the future home of an ebook or PPC advisory company.

Estimates.info – Still in the $xx pricing level.

Reserve Not Met

iMall.com – I don’t do “i” names, but I like this one…..internet mall….they’re taking a bite out of the bricks & mortar malls.

Monitoring.com – I don’t love the -ing, but there are so many applications ——- credit, malware, health, etc, etc

Touchdowns.com – Sounds like a sport bar name.

PoliceBrutality.com – Been in the news alot, but tough to monetize the traffic. 16 years old.

2NU.com – I love it, but only because it’s a CCC.com commodity…..not because the listing says it’s pronounceable as “two new”…..that’s far too confusing.

Text.org – Not sure how to incorporate the .org, but it’s a big keyword.

AutomotiveMechanic.com – More search volume than I expected for this long domain —– 1,300 per month at CPC over $8, per SEM Rush. “Auto Mechanic” has 14,800 per month.

Extinct.com – I’m not sure what type of business will go on this domain, but I’m guessing there will be a site developed at this URL in the next 10 years.

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