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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday November 30th

A little late on the post today but I got caught up in the Alabama-Auburn game.  Just like last year, one of the best games of the year.  I spent the rest of the night playing MYST.  Just kidding, that’s what I was doing 15 years ago.  Here are today’s names.  GD are up and will live add Namejet and Flippa as I go.  18 years old.  Everyone wants safe products.  Let them know which ones are and aren’t.  I didn’t even have an original groove but always looking to upgrade  I imagine this has gotten so high based on being used for cloud or productivity tool. 17 years old  No bidders.  Good name for any company/person that wants to show they will support you  No bidders.  I sell it but not enough to do anything with the name  No bidders. With the sales rate of many domain investors this is actually what they are doing  Not a term people are really using now but with no bidders it’s a cheap investment in case they start  Over under $250  Nice to see a gardening name getting a few bids  Half of you use this every day  Gets traffic and getting bids.  17 years old  Met reserve and it’s only $100  Nobody seems to love it as much as the owner

Finally a NEW Domain Code of the day. 39% OFF YOUR ORDER gd41124a  Hundreds of places with this name.   Probably one in every town judging by all the nails places  Not sure how you monetize this one but love the flow of the name    Great name for a booking site.  Not going to be cheap  Chinese. Just buy it  All opinions are right.  Perfect for a dot org  Would be fun to put up videos or talents and let people people judge. Online judging and options could really catch on  Everyone needs to have a few NNNN.nets in their portfolio

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