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Reserve Met and Will Sell – Yes, .net domains have been hammered…….but for only a buck? And, yes, reserve met. – College prep classes are big bucks. – The extension doesn’t fit the domagasol brothersin perfectly, but the price is under $500 for this 15 year old domain and the CPC is over $20. – Not a ton of search volume, but CPC near $25 – English words combined with foreign country/language extensions never make a ton of sense to me, but in tribute to the Gasol brothers….. – Tons of search volume, but I’m guessing it’s tough to monetize. – Another one with a questionable path to monetization.

Reserve Not Met

Portfolio of 74 Domains – Including,,,, and more. – Authoritative-sounding domain. Bidding has passed $10k. – Easy to remember 5 letter domain, though I don’t know what I’d use it for. – This one has been around the block many, many times after it was acquired for just under $9k earlier this year. – There is lots of money in the prevention of hacking.

Domain Spotlight:

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