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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Tuesday , December 16th

There are a lot of fantastic names dropping today at Namejet.  There are 10 names that I think could go over $10K  and I am a bidder on quite a few of them.  Not sure if I’m going to hit reserve but I’m going to give them a good shot.  Here are today’s names.  16 years old.  Best letters on the board today   Only one bidder.  I think its a pretty strong name to build razor blade of the month club around  I know this a thing because I see cats and dogs being walked in town with sweaters on.   Yes, I see cats being walked.  Not well but their on a leash  No bidders.  For $12, not a bad name  Going to break $100 but IMO under $250 is a good buy because of WW or World Wide   Has the most bids on the board today at GD  Pros at taking my money and then charging me extra when I make a claim.  If you pay under $300 I think you make money on this next year  Certainly memorable.  And you could make a blog for the the 3 people that don’t know how  Pretty good name for $12 if you are starting a domain name related site  Worth more as just a domain than sold as a cheap affiliate site   Probably being used more as a photography name than as a negative one  Another one that I like the name alone more than the name plus website

Finally a NEW Domain Code of the day. 39% OFF YOUR ORDER gd41124a  Sounds like a tech company in the 90s.  But still relevant today  No bids.  I like it is a movie site for $69.  16 years old  Hardly any bids.    Much better name than its getting credit for IMO  Most bids of all the Namejet names……..and there are a lot of great names at public auction today  No bidders.  More people use online coaches than in person coaches   A type of video games.  A search on the term returns a lot of “Top 10 Stealth Games” articles  I liked it as a brand but on a Google search I get lots of broccoli pictures and a translation of Chinese to horny man.  No bidders

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  1. Agreed – I count 15 really good Namejet names that I would like to own that are closing today. Crazy.

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