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Today and every Friday I post a list of 10 domains that are for sale.  I skipped last week due to the holiday but we’re back on schedule this week.  Normally I only put domains that are up at auction, but this list will contain both names at auction, domains with websites,  or just straight up for sale.  Some of the names are paid listings, others are names that I thought were a good value.  Here is today’s list.   A word we all know and use especially when things don’t go as expected.

$99 Each Until They Are Gone:,,,,  Printing of political signs alone is a HUGE business.  Look at all the Google ads and it will tell you the value  Cats, rugs, ethinicity.  There is a lot of Persians in the world.  Tens of thousands of searches each month   CPC of $4.34. lists it at $1900  Owner states it has earned $15 per month in parking  13 year old domain.  This is certainly the time of year where selling treadmills is a good business  In the “look at me world” we live in this name should do very well  $1500 obo  I figure since pot is going to be legal everywhere soon, rolling machines will be more popular than ever.  Email me  $400  All tlds taken.  A ton of affiliate programs to sell heirloom seeds.  Email Me  $300  Perfect email to respond to that offer of $10 for your  Email me

If you’d like your domain featured in the Book of 10 in future weeks please contact me for pricing and information

Domain Spotlight: