SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on January 2nd, 2014

Jan 02 2014

I consider today the real start to the new year as yesterday was pretty much a holiday for most people.   As you’re reading this I’m probably out plowing snow as we are getting a little snow overnight and it’s another one my businesses.  I actually enjoy being out when nobody else is out.  It’s kind of like cutting the grass.  It’s nice as long as you don’t have to do it all the time.  I also noticed a new blog called DotWhatever.  It’s the newest blog about new TLDS and like all new blogs will most likely come out firing with interviews and a bunch of good articles. The key will be to see what happens when he’s gone through to gauntlet of ideas like the rest of us have.  There is certainly going to be a whole bunch of new regarding the new tlds so there should be more content and ideas than ever. I do wish they would put a face to the site though. EDIT: Missed the section on the team, they are not faceless and imagine this, Raymond Hackney writes for them 🙂  Nobody likes reading anonymous posts.  There aren’t many long term successful sites out there that don’t feature the writers. Not saying it can’t be done just saying it’s more difficult.  Good luck to them, as we certainly could use something else to read in the domain blogs. Gotten a bit boring as of late. 🙂    Here are today’s names. Don’t find many LL.nets up for sale.  When they are they usually are in the $10K and up range. sold for $14,500 and $6700  I actually don’t mind the z here.   Zs make names cool……and cheap  Everyone loves round numbers  I find the easiest way to get a fast loan is to have good credit.  But that’s no usually who needs a quick loan  Good letters, would be a good buy under $100 IMO

This is for an $8.49 domain renewal and $3.99 privacy. Has worked for a while and still works.  Also good for $7.50 dot org renewal gdbb776  My domain.  Ends today.  Aged, gets some traffic and made $35 in parking this year.  Received an offer for $1000 last year (which maybe I should have taken) and $1000+ at Moniker auction but reserve was higher.  I probably should have taken that too 🙂   If you want to invest in China this is a great place to do it.  IMO will increase in value every year  This one as well  I think this is a Korean word (big web portal in Korea) but another Asian name that’s getting massive attention.  Easy buildout of youtube videos   PawnStars of the Internet.  You can tell them you’re going to have to do a little restoration so you can only give them 10% of the value  The generic words for cloud  Hasn’t met reserve at $5K.  Almost every lady I know has a jacket  Sold for $3K a few years ago.  We’ll see if that was a good buy or not soon

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  1. Michael

    If you hover over “About Us” and click on “The Team” you can see who is behind dotWhatever, it isn’t faceless.

  2. John sold on godaddy auctions for $20,000
    Godaddy is still giving the original owner (
    time to renew

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