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Dec 05 2013

Today and every Thursday I am going to post a list of 10 domains that are for sale.  Normally I only put domains that are up at auction, but this list will contain both names at auction, domains with websites,  or just straight up for sale.  Some of the names are paid listings, others are names that I thought were a good value. Last weeks listing did very well with a few of the BINs selling.   Here is today’s list.  Why would you want to own the same car as everyone else?  I want a dash with a screen the size of three ipads.  Millions of people move every year.  Easy build out and the CPC is pretty good for moving companies to help monetize it.    A name for the right beer maker or beer lover.  Would make a nice directory.  $350   Look at all the results on Google.  Makes about $15 a year in parking so it pays for it’s own food

Package of 3 Visit…………..  The dot orgs of visitbolivia is already built out.  Take the whole package for $6000. Visit Geos domains are one of the top travel brands/call to actions possible. Many Visit cities and countries Geos domains are in use today, take advantage of getting three well know travel destinations for just $6,000, a great bargain in time for the Holidays!  Recent sales include sold for $250,000, sold for $50,000 & sold for $77,000  13 years old.   With flu season coming on this one is primed for a build out  Bitcoin is not a fad IMO.  I think it will continue to be a traded currency for many years to come.  As far as the domain, each coin is unique and can be tracked.  And here’s the site to do it on  You’ve seen it up at auction recently but now it’s at a solid BIN price.  Every other English speaking country in the world spells it this way.  And I’m pretty sure they all have driver’s and other types of licences.  Because everyone needs to have a CVCV with the same vowels in their portfolio


If you are interested in having a name listed next Thursday please contact me for price and availability.  If you are interested in sponsoring this post for a low low price please contact me as well. I’ve closed the comments but if you have one I’d love to hear it just via email instead of here.

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  1. Jagan

    Hello Shane,
    I am an avid reader of your posts. Thank you for everything that you write. I have one suggestion about your weekly book of 10 posts and your daily list of domains. I would feel comfortable to know which of the domains are paid listings as I always like to know which domains you recommend without being paid. Otherwise it feels like stepping into a minefield.

    Thank you for your time and efforts.

    Wishing you the best.

    1. Post author


      That you for the comment. Consider ALL of the names paid listings. I get paid either commission, per name, or by Namejet to list every name. I put that in my disclosure at the bottom. But I will say this. I go through a ton of names on the auctions, get sent 10-20 emails a day of names people are looking to sell, and I pass on most of them. Just because someone is willing to pay me for listing doesn’t mean I will list it. The Book of 10 is an all paid in advance list. Every name on the list is a paid per listing post (except for my own domains) and that’s why I have divided it out into its own list. I pick the best 10 names that are sent to me to choose from for the Book of 10. I promise you I get some awful names emailed to me that nobody in their right mind would buy for that price. As for the daily listing. I WILL NOT put up a domain that I don’t think COULD present a good value or flip if purchased right. You can ask several people that have paid for the Book of 10 listings that I have asked them to lower the BIN price because I thought it had a chance of selling at the price I recommended and not the original. Last week one sold because of my reduction. The list I put out now is no different than the list I put out 3 years ago when I made no commission. I figure now if I put out a good list those names will be purchased and I will get a commission. Putting up a shitty name makes me nothing and nobody will come back. And finally, buying domains in general can be like a minefield. If you don’t have a plan, don’t watch your step and your money, you’re gonna blow up

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