SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on December 5th, 2013

Dec 05 2013

Yesterday,  I was invited to a Protrada and Adam Dicker’s workshop in Cali 10 days from now.  Nice to be invited, and would love to see Adam, but gotta give a guy a little more notice.   Here are today’s domains  And 69 other great dot infos.  If you think dot info is a good investment then this is a portfolio you want to buy.  Money to be made by splitting and selling IMO In the world of Twitter and Facebook this name is gold.  And I think it should cross the per oz price when it’s all said and done  Compared to other LLN.coms that have sold this one is still at a discount  Who knew that you could get into Heaven for only $10….   Would make a good ad agency name but otherwise just a good  Bidding starts at $3K and I don’t think that it’s a bad price   Another Chinese name.  Buy Chinese names  I only like it because it’s a cool short version of Viral To show you how much dot infos have taken off.  The owner’s opening bid was $500 and it flew past it Not saying it’s super valuable but a decent brand, 10 year old domain, for under $30


Renewal Code:  Good for $8.49 domain renewal and $3.99 privacy. Has worked for a while and still works.  Also good for $7.50 dot org renewalgdbb776 Love this one.  Great for online/cloud company.  I’ve even got your slogan.  “You can leave all your shit here”  Because nothing’s more important than a child’s health.  Except maybe a Cubs World Series   Thought this ended yesterday but actually ends this morning. Something about swiss time.  A million searches a month on this one.  A ton of companies have used Genesis as their brand name. One last chance to bid  I love taking naps to the Westminster Shows on tv   Blog  Big fan of Shaina Magdayao.  She alone is worth buying the domain   Evidently there are quite a few people looking to buy new cars  These are the type of names I used to get for $70.  Bet it doesn’t go for $70  Wait…there are steps?  I just kind of move my hips and do little karate chops


Let me help you get more bidders and more views to your domain.  In addition to this list I also promote a list called DomainShane’s Book of 10.  (Today’s List) A list of 10 featured domains that is put out every Thursday on this site and at the top of  If you are interested in having a name listed  please contact me for price and availability.

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