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DomainTools Opens Opens Up Their API

We’ve all use DomainTools for one reason or another.  Whois Lookup or History.  NameServer reports and changes.  Whether I’m looking for more information on a domain I’m buying or keeping an eye on what domains companies are buying, there’s really only one place I can find out that information.  Now you can build that information into your site.

Think about it.  Being able to offer a whois history on a domain on your site.  Prior to the API release there was nowhere else to get it. Now you can offer the same information.  Pretty much all the information that is at DomainTools can be had.

According to DomainTools’ Release

Nearly every piece of data available on is now available for use via the API. By integrating DomainTools’ standards-compliant interface, users can:

-Add value to lists of domain names by highlighting important statistics such as historical event counts and related domain names

-Tap into the largest available database of historic Whois records to discover the true legacy of a domain name

-Set up a customized keyword or trademark monitoring system to keep tabs on domain registrations

-Quickly search through millions of domain names to find the perfect domain for a specific project

The DomainTools API is available today and can be set up in three simple steps via the DomainTools API Web page.

I’m sure your final question will be.  How Much?  I think it’s pretty reasonable, especially for the whois history.  Here is the pricing guide for each section of the API

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