Double Your Money: A Few Nice Names Dropping Today

Mar 30 2010

It’s not a good buy unless you can sell or monetize the domain and I think all the names below can be flipped if the prices stay reasonable.  You can’t afford to sit on middle of the road or weak domains hoping to resell.  You need to flip them quickly or monetize them out of the gate. Otherwise, save your money.  Here are some names I think you can do one or the other. A fantastic name.  The domain will be more for fun that true selling of product but this name has great possibilities A very pronounceable 4L.  Only at $10, obviously will be higher but should be able to flip this one if you can get it for under $100 Aluva is one of the important towns in India. It’s in the state of Kerala and rich in History, Culture and Heritage.   It’s also a 5L which I must have $18 CPC and although only 200 searches and its length, I think it’s an excellent names for quote leads The most common type of hemophilia.  You could make some money on ads for this one. Only one bidder so won’t cost too much $13K valuate, 10K searches and a $5 CPC means high price but even if it goes for thousands still could be a good deal

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