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Drop Day, The Free Dropping Domains Screener, Steps it Up

logo_dropday_blueWe all love going after dropping domains.  It shows in the final bids that they are some of the most sought after domains in our industry.  We’re all willing to pay money for domain drop analyzers and other than Patrick’s GoDrops, I think I can get everything with now that they’ve added new data such as keywords.  Best of all it’s free.  I’m not being paid to shill for godrops or drop day, I’m merely telling you it’s what I use.  I think DomainStryker is a good product as well but just too expensive for what you get.  You get the exact same information for free at

What Drop Day was missing that kept it from being what I needed has recently been added.  The advance search is about as complete as any on the market. They recently added Keyword Searches, CPC, Typo?, and a unique listing of Google, Yahoo, and Bing SERPs.  You can instantly see how the domain ranks in Google for the domain’s keyword.  For instance DropDay shows me that ranks number 1 for spotted eagle.   Lucky for me I am trying to sell spotted eagles so I will really be going after that one.

Again, I’m not shilling for anyone or saying the other drop finders aren’t good, just pointing out to our “less than wealthy” domainers out there one of the better free tools in our industry.

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