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Anyone Else Like 5L dot coms? Take a Look At a Few of My Favorites

My real domain business has and always been plant names.  I have,,,, nurserycatalog,, landscapemanager, and 100s more.  It’s how I make my real money in domaining but i DO love 5 letter dot coms.  They are such great brands.  Generally they don’t mean anything and contrary to to 4 letter domains, can create words that are easy to say and spell.  As I’ve said a million times before, MOST 5L ARE JUNK, but the good ones, in my opinion, are just as valuable as any  Here is a list of some of the names I’ve acquired over the years and some were hand regged, some I paid a few hundred, and for sello, thousands.  I’ve never sold any 5L for under $500 and have sold 9 names already this year through sedo or private offers.  It has been a very profitable part of my domain portfolio.  My rules for picking domains have kept me from buying too many names and kept me taking in more money than I’m spending, which last time I checked, is the key to making money.  Please take a look at some of my names and let me know what you think.  You’ll notice a trend that, for the most part, shows I like easy to spell and say names.  You think they suck, that’s fine.  I’d still love to hear your opinions. (turned down $1600 offer last week but they were close)

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7 Replies to “Anyone Else Like 5L dot coms? Take a Look At a Few of My Favorites”

  1. Funny, I see your list and besides Sello and Happa, I don’t see any real value there (without research). Hey, I must suck at picking out 5L’s, I only own a few but haven’t made a sizable sale from this niche yet. Not too long ago you started a thread in the wanted section of domain forum looking for 5L’s with a budget of $xxx. When I responded with .COMs like: Tepri, Biogi and DoGig – I got no response. eh, what’s the saying?? “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..” 😉

    1. Thanks Mike for the reply. I certainly have a “type” of 5L I like and although you may be able to sell your names, I see now value in them. tepri needs 9 times out of 10 will be spelled tepry and dogig just doesn’t flow for me. Biogi is OK. You’re right about the “eye of the beholder” thing. I will say I feel pretty comfortable with my investment to return ratio on my 5Ls and so I am going to stick to my current evaluation techniques.

  2. Sello and Happa excellent weeba is cool IMO along with teasy as a brand for a company that sells tea.

    I would like your opinions Shane on a few:

  3. Got some good ones there like Sello (love it), Happa, Noobr, and of course Teasy. Since you asked, I would pass on UnLol, Hooku (Huku?), and Jijoo (gJew?). Meely, Jeejo, Jeefa, and Deejo could also be hard to spell based on pronunciation, though Deejo is the most brandable of the bunch IMO. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Some nice names in there Shane, Sello, Happa & Bleeb really stick out the most. There are a few nice ones in there too.

    I have a small collection of 5L’s too, in fact they are the names that have brought me the biggest profits. It has become a lot harder finding certain types (letter combinations) over the past year or so – and sometimes I regret quick-flipping a certain few. But I guess that’s what keeps things in balance.

    Any news with Happa? I’m pretty sure thats an UK based organisation for animals or something.

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