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Sep 09 2016


I’m going to officially declare dot co as peaked.  It goes down in value from here.  I tried to convince myself that it worked.  I even tried with short and numeric but it just doesn’t make any sense to me.  I can’t see why anyone would buy dot co.  It doesn’t have an identity. Its a typo of dot co and the startup world has switched over to .io.  We’ll check back in a few years and I am pretty sure I will be right.  You want to buy names now that your future self with thank you for later.  Dot co isn’t it IMO.  And a special thank you to Eric Lyons for sharing another great cartoon below.    Here are today’s names.   Click for current pricess4-e5-purchase-offer-reply

CurvedTvs.com All the rage right now. Ads galore when you type in the keywords

Hujue.com Something in Chinese I assume because of the big price

Shortenz.com The kind of name that does well on Brand Bucket. 19 years old

VisualLabs.com Perfect name with all the VR stuff coming. Nobody agrees. No bids at $12

SalesChannel.com Sales are a good thing. Price is closing in on $500

XCCP.com Xs and Cs are exactly what the Chinese love

NavySurplus.com If you can have Army Surplus why not Navy? 17 years old

WeRespond.com The bids are probably based on the marketing value. Wouldn’t name a company this but if you’re company wants to be known for getting to you quickly its perfect

GoatTrader.com Not much value but funny as hell email

InvestorHomes.com I always make sure investor is spelled correctly. It is here and all the bidders can feel safer

PrettyPhone.com No bids. Solid name for selling phone cases

FitChild.com One bidder. Don’t have to run them in the ground but obesity in kids in the US is out of control

Flaso.com Nice 5L.com with only one bidder

AddResources.com 25 bidders think this is worth owning

UCRT.com If you are going to have a U in your LLLL.com, having it first is best to make an acronym

NotebookSisters.com The bids are for the 45,000 backlinks

KeywordRankTool.com Webmasters don’t use this quite as much as they used to but still very valuable info

283512.com Going to put these up today because the CHiPs are all now getting bids again. Not saying buy them but certainly worth watching









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Jerky.io   Great brand or great meat.  No bidders at $1

TechieMagazine.com    No bidders at $1.  Buyer has a pretty good list of all the types of magazine names that have sold over the years.

Jaymee.com   A girl and a boys name.  No reserve, at under $25

Degrees.io   Can’t get one at ITT anymore

XTDA.com  Worth more than the $200 bid IMO


CUFU.com   Hard to go wrong with a CVCV right now

FEFA.com  Ditto

HitGold.com   Every persons dream.  Whether its real gold or as a metaphor for achievement

GenerationVR.com  VR anything is selling right now……..but no bids

SoapNut.com  I had no idea these even existed.  Nuts that have a natural soap in them.  Google them

OOTT.com  Been up for auction before.  We’ll see if it hits reserve this time

FullyBonded.com  Great name for someone to sell bond coverage

SmallToLarge.com   Grower not a showwer

SignatureInvitations.com  getting a huge bid.  Didn’t see that one coming

LifeBar.com    Sounds like a food I really need

GenericRelief.com   The drug market needs more generic so we don’t have $600 epi pens

Defence.com Because the Aussies, the British and the Canadians screw up all kinds of spellings.  Or maybe its us Americans that butchered everything

OBMM.com   One of my favorite values on the board

DLMM.com  This one is nice but the price is much higher

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