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The last two weeks we’ve looked at a variety of new gTLD extensions that are developed in first or last names, and then a few examples of developed new G’s with keywords that span the dot. This week we’re looking at developed geographic + new gTLDs, with the populations of the locations below ranging from around 35,000 to over 5 million residents.

Kefalonia.Property – Kefalonia is an island in the Ionian Sea, near Greece. This is an additional site for a company with the name of Peterson’s, which is based at “Peterson’s Group is a technical company based in Argostoli, Kefalonia. The company focuses on the design and construction of private investments such as houses, offices and shops. Furthermore, it specializes in property sales.”

Enfield.Tattoo – Not surprisingly, this is the home of a tattoo shop in Enfield, in the UK.
Vallarta.Photo – A wedding photographer based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is using this site to promote their services.

Yorkshire.Hosting – A UK company, “Hosting Yorkshire are a local York-based web design, SEO hosting, IT Support and online marketing agency. We started back in 2003 under the company name of ‘York Websites’ solely offering online marketing and website design services.”

Marbella.Flowers – Based in Marbella, Spain, “Floral workshop AM Flowers Design is a flowers decoration for any events and any spaces. Under the direction of Alla Margun, the florist-decorator with the long experience in the flower business.

Savannah.Cars – This is the new home of a used car dealership in Savannah, Georgia. When I checked, they had 362 cars available, with prices from $4,500 to $62,000.

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. The .cars tld appears to gaining some traction. In addition to Savannah, I also see developed sites at,,

    1. In addition to your list, a couple other .cars geo’s that are developed include (St. Louis),, and
      I’m guessing there are more…..I didn’t dig too deep.

    1. Thanks Leonard. Looks like a few other .condos examples include,,, and I’m sure there are more.

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