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Aug 01 2016


Over the last few weeks I have been watching the Vice Channel on Directv pretty much non stop.  I think its the most creative programming out there right now.  Yes, its cooking, fashion, and shock television but its shot and edited much better than most things on TV right now.  They seem to be facing the problem of a lot of new programming and that’s getting advertisers.  I can see spots filled with in house ads for other programming more often than “regular” television.  They have been creative in their advertising by mixing in large companies like Geico and Samsung into the shows.   You’re getting sold without having an outright commercial.  I had the please of talking to Shane Smith when he first bought Vice.com.  We talked a few times and then stopped calling me when he called me right in the middle of my daughters cross country meets and I told him I had to call him back.  He was pissed I didn’t make time for him and he stopped taking my calls.  True story.  But I still think he is brilliant and I have really enjoyed watching him build his entertainment empire.  I’m a fan and I’m learning just watching the progress.  I’ll certainly thank him when I build mine 🙂 Here are today’s names. Click for current prices

CyberTurbo.com Probably a better name for 2007 but no bidders at $12

eBook.co.uk My first .co.uk on the list in quite a while

Pentis.com Take away the T and it has a whole other meaning. Getting quite a few bids

WordsAreCheap.com Unless its one word. No bidders

NameBrand.cc Harding to build a branding site on a not dot come but great keywords and no bids

CandyLight.com Two easy to remember words. Even sounds techy……and delicious. No bidders

QMBH.com at four figures

WBVXB.com NOT at four figures

RebelFire.com Same goes for this one as well. Not quite as delicious

7D5.com Liquidity

LendFind.com Always room for more loan finders

Atlia.com Some 5L.coms are getting more bids than others. This one has 16 bids

Irrigation.biz One of the best dot biz this week IMO. No bids so nobody else agrees

TomCruzeIsNuts.com Lots of backlinks and bids. Too funny

ShoeGoods.com Sell shoes AND goods. No bids

Ellet.com A last name that has been carried over to business and entities

TravelVenture.com Ventures and travel go together well.

VacationFest.com I like this one as well. But no bidders

Yinkle.com You could do worse for $20

MyToot.com Shitty domain

GetThePress.com Nice PR name

TinyHouseCo.com Hard to not notice the tiny house movement if you watch any satellite TV

HawaiianBarbeque.com I love it. Traveling there in a few days just to eat it

WPM.biz and KCS.biz I am a buyer of LLL.bizs

UrbanZebra.com I thought it made a unique brand. But it got a bid and now it’s too expensive for me 🙂







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Freaked.com  I don’t know if I like the tense but the price tells me I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about

DizzyLizard.com  I love these types of brands.  I realize there are a lot of options but there are less ever year

Pizza.GR  Price shows that pretty much anywhere in the world Pizza is big money

JB1.com  Depends what side of the range the reserve is


PlayPen.com  Sounds adult or baby.

AlphaByte.com   Nice play on words.  Sell it to Google

AAAO.com   Triple repeater.   I think we’ll see less LLLL.com and repeaters in the near future now that the portfolios have been liquidated.   Opinion only

IGMD.com  Dr.  Ivan Goodman

CENI.com  There’s not a CVCV that Namejet bidders don’t like

EHHM.com, RNRF.com, WGDO.com  and DCAB.com  A few of my favorite LLLL.com

Wazia.com   No bidders on this nice Brand type 5L.com

CH8.com  I have never watched channel 8

Suckz.com   People like Zs for Ss.  Makes it cool

ChineseNewYear.com  I put in on the list a few days ago.  Closes today and is a lot higher than it was there

Plead.com   To make an emotional appeal.  Or just a 5L

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at Catchy.com

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