Flippa – A Look Forward: AirplaneMode.com, FreeTime.com, Domain Portfolios, More

Aug 01 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

DizzyLizard.com – Brandable domain getting a decent $xxx bid.

eNaked.com – Surprised to see the bidding level here.

A couple one word .com domains where I’m not sure how I’d use them, but they will still sell:

SuicideMission.com – Similar to the above, I’m not sure how I’d use it, but it’s a well known phrase.

ADZ.org – LLL.org will always sell.

TouristBay.com – This looks to be the name of a couple hotels.

Reserve Not Met

50 Domain Portfolio – Names such as StockPicks.net, MiniPutt.com and Crackie.com

Portfolio of 10 4L.com Domains – Such as VTYL.com and EVYD.com.

BeProductive.com – Decent domain for an efficiency coach or app.

AcaiBerry.com – Is this still popular, or has its time passed?

AirplaneMode.com – We probably all have this on our phones; not sure how you would develop a site with commercial intent, but there may be things I’m not thinking of.

FreeTime.com – Second time around on Flippa; I still like it.

Proofread.net – If you’re into .net domains.

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  1. Hong

    “eNaked.com – Surprised to see the bidding level here.”
    Steal price 🙂 LiveNaked.com sold for $7.5K last year!

    “TouristBay.com – This looks to be the name of a couple hotels.”
    Furthermore, could be a site for tourists.

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