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Aug 28 2016


I’ve sold a few 5L.coms in the last few weeks and they’ve proved a little more difficult than most of my sales for two reasons. One, the buyers are in Europe and don’t speak English.  The emails are in English but it obvious that its not something they do very often.  Communicating has been tough and the time difference makes a normal email exchange take a few days.  The second part that’s been tough is them wanting the domains to go to overseas registrars that also take a little longer to take action and answer questions than a Godaddy or Uniregistry.   One got done and hoping the other is finished in the next few days but they have taken 3 weeks when a regular transaction usually takes me three days.  Maybe the answer if for me to learn German, Chinese, and French.  I’m sure I could sell more domains if I did.  Enjoy your Sunday.  Here is today’s list. Click for current prices

BL7.com years old. You know I love CCC.coms as brands

TGB.net Another nice aged shorty

TheHerbs.com Great cannabis name. Under $500 would be a good buy IMO

Kear.com Popular family name and short. Don’t see 121 bids very often

VRHighway.com I know a lot of you would like this one

DXNX.com The Chinese LOVE these types of names with consonants and Xs

ElPastel.com “the cake” in Spanish. I would think this would be worth $12. No bidders

WeRelocate.com Perfect name for back of the Moving Van

Shenzo.com Remember Skenzo? If that’s good enough for a brand then this is. No bidders

NaughtySoap.com This could be fun. I can only imagine the shapes. Slogan “Do drop the soap” No bidders

Fluxed.com 21 bidders at press time. People use this term in place of flustered

696688.com Nice to see a 6N.com doing so well

45158.com Much worse numbers but because it is only 5 it will fetch a better price

997977.com Another great combo of numbers

Enroll.me Not sure what you are enrolling in but can’t wait to get started

TireKicker.com one bid. I like tire kick better but still makes a decent shopping site name

CannabisInfusions.com This is the hot category right now. Extracting machines are in high demand














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ZSex.com   Everyone likes Z sex

Angels.io   No bidders at $1.  First name or spirit that watches over us

RNDM.com   Nice acronym letters.  Getting some good bids but the owner seems to have a crush on the domain

Partial.com  You know I was a trader when I see this word an all I can think of is that my order didn’t get filled and I need it to get filled

TheTrendy.com  solid fashion or celebrity blog name


4185.com  Can’t go wrong owning a NNNN.com

OvernightPaydayLoan.com   It’s not good enough to just be a payday loan.  This one is even quicker.  And boy does it sound like its going to have a high interest rate.  High CPC for this one
31385.com   Pretty sure this will end higher than the current $74 price
BitcoinScam.com  Anytime something is anonymous there is a higher chance of fraud
HardwareHacking.com  No bids.  Hardware hacking is taking parts of different things to make something better.  Not necessarily breaking into someone’s hardware
EHNH.com   Strong acronym letters.  Over under $800
VegetablePlanter.com   More and more people are planting gardens in Pots.  Used to be called Urban gardening now its everywhere   2 bidders
Deployables.com     Millions of results for this term.  6 bidders
FuturesCenter.com  Trading isn’t quite as popular since the crash but the day trading is still a trillion dollar market

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