Domain Spotlight: Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, November 20th

There are some really good names on the board today.  Some because of quality.  Others because of price to value.  Not too bad for a Sunday.   I’ll be posting one of my rare ramblings later today so I won’t waste your time.   Here are today’s names.  Click for current price.

Names I Like with Multiple Bids  One of my favorite names on the list.  Learn to Bake.  Just looked at the price.  Lots of people like this one  Strong marketing name for a company that wants to emphasize this ability  Plenty of content for this one.  17 years old  Has a few bids.  World can always use more heros   17 years old.  Worth more than an average with a vowel because of the TV.  Easy four figures  Most call it a lounge but this is still going to do very very well   Media name therefore lots of bids  One of the stronger this week   190,000 backlinks.   Cute sounding name with a few bids    Sex or music ? or both   F Kick   That should go well.  A build your own robot kit   Nice for under $40   Keyword is good, tld is meh.  But only one bidder so not expensive  I have never liked sports themed hair places where they girls dress scantily and cut your bangs from the front for 15 minutes.  Makes me uncomfortable  Coinflux is already a site but Flux Coin sounds like a new crypto currency  Nice cheap little

Domains With One or NO Bids I would eat there or go to the blog. But I love to eat so don’t go on my word If you own A Brewery then not a bad aged domain for $12. NO bids If its not already a workout place is should be It’s the workout place across the street from above. No bidders Only one bidder. All cars will recharge the batteries with solar panel eventually. Makes too much sense No bids. Probably one of the last color cloud names left He certainly does now that he is in prison for Child pornography Still billions of dollars of ink cartridges sold each year No bidders at $12 Generic for Patel Like this one. No bidders Another great name with no bidders. Good day for cheap names IMO Sounds like an app to me Fruit or hand selected something

LLL.cos Getting some Good Bids

Names That Have Bids

NameJet   Every usually gets one  As long as you like H then you’ll be good with all H  The New York something   Here comes another article about some celebrity that doesn’t own their name. I think we’ve figured out that a lot of famous people don’t own their own names I like the name but think of a duck when I see it  Only a few bidders for this movie/celeb site name

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FLIPPA and SEDO  A solid one word dot com that closes today  The second round of the .at auction is closing tonight.  Looks like they’re all at no reserve. Great name.  All depends on the reserve    Sleep doctor    The or My in front saves you a lot of money and still keeps it a good brand    Can’t get hotter than Mars right now


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