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Mar 15 2016


I don’t really talk about politics very much because it usually leads to conversations that don’t lead anywhere positive. Its like religion, everyone has their own view and there’s not much convincing anyone to change their ideas.  I am traditionally a republican with very liberal social leanings.  I have voted Republican in every election. My family has a lot of elected Republican officials.  Another reason why I stay out of it.  Because people always want to talk to me about it because my Uncle who was a State Rep for Illinois and I share the same name and many people assumed I was him.  But this election I have NO idea what I am going to vote.  I bet Michael Cyger at Namescon $100 that Trump would get the nomination.  Not because I like him but because I figured he would win.  But you couldn’t pay me to vote for Trump.  So who am I going to vote for?  I absolutely have no idea.  I like Bernie Sanders as a person but he’s a socialist that falls just too left for me. I believe in helping others but I don’t want big government and give away all my wealth.  So I guess I’m just going to continue to listen.  Not that any of the politicians are going to do anything they say.  Maybe that’s the problem. I don’t like politicians.    Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices.

AllergyPill.com    Great marketing name for a pharmaceutical company.  Sell it to them. Only $20 at press time

SkateTown.com  Skating has been popular for 50 years.  Just switched where we put the wheels and from roller to board. 19 years old

EssentialSolutions.com 18 year old.  Upgrade name for a few companies.  And Essential makes it sound like you HAVE to have the product

Playwise.com 1999 Birthdate.   Everyone loves to play.  Wise is another story

PDM.net  Great CHiP and WHiP letters.   I think LLL.net still offer some value.  Getting near the correct price vs dot com.  All my opinion

RBN.net  I like this one even more but the price is less

TechMagazine.net   No bidders at $12.  Not bad for a good tech blog name

ShortJokes.com   Everyone loves a quick joke.

DubaiGames.com No bidders at $12 .  Almost any dot com Dubai name is worth $12.  Especially with the word game in it

BidSquid.com  No bidders.  Not sure it has much value but love the name.  Flows

NakedReviews.com  I probably would be a little more likely to watch a product review here

YouMovie.com  It’s all about me in today’s selfie world.  That’s why its getting the bids

SuperiorServers.com  You better be a good hosting company with this name.  No bidders at $12   13 years old

ETFN.com   Great Western name.  Still at a discount IMO

9788.co  I’m a buyer of NNNN.co and this is a nice one.  And Ryan, don’t worry I realize that every year I keep a dot co it cost $22. All intelligent people know their holding cost (renewal) before they buy something.

DHX.co  I am buying these as well.  I’ve been paying $600 for them.  Looks like they are going to cross that after commissions

AJY.info  LLL.info have moved up quite a bit in the last few months.  Even Non Chips.  But no bids here

BoobJobs.net   I can see this on a billboard.  Because breast augmentation just doesn’t have the same memorability

BestMedicalCoverage.com   As big of a keyword as their is out there.  Good lead gen on affordable health insurance

NaturalBirth.info   Dot info works here. I’m always surprised how many people want to have their baby at home or without drugs. My wife went “clean” in her birthing.  No drugs or medication at all.  She said she would take them next time

811689.com   Nice 6N.com CHiP.  Now under $200 as an average.

Here are a few more if you’re looking to buy a few more 6N.com CHiPs

626189.com, 811289.com, and 811589.com

811089.com and 230553.com   A few lower end names if you don’t want to spend as much

53724.com  Lower end 5N.com.  We’ll see what today’s floor is at

FRAQ.com  Sold for $2K in 2012, sold for $692 in 2013, sold for $1200 back in February.   Now it can be yours

660088.com  I thought pattern 6Ns were way down but this one is killing it. Maybe its just my patterns

SFHF.net, MBZZ.net, GSLB.net, QPZS.net, ZHDN.net, SLZS.net and JQDC.net     In case you wanted a few LLLL.nets for Christmas

KCSQ.com  A CHiP that is getting no early love.   I like the first three letters

TKYJ.com   Another one here.  Ugly letters which means its worth a lot.  Not too many bidders

65577.net  Anyone still buying 5N.net?  Nice pattern here

8258.biz, 5561.biz, 8389.biz, and 2687.biz   4 number dot biz have been a good investment as of late

CuteBird.com  Cute name.  Good for anyone who specializes in Bird Law

CFXXX.com One bidder at $12

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

Stream.Vin   We’ll see if the keyword can overcome the tld.  No bidders

82 Three character.net   No reserve and at $11.  Pretty sure you can make money splitting these up at $12

Jav.cc   Can’t go wrong with any LLL.cc lately.  No reserve and under $80 at press time

Vodkas.com   All the alcohol names go for a lot

15888.com  Getting absolutely no love.   This would be $10K plus easy a few months ago.

Picky.io  Cheap enough and this works.  Good name for a startup

MF.net  Met reserve.  Don’t get very many chances to own a LL.net.  Ends early this AM

LZNZ.com    No reserve so you may get a good deal

91377.com   No fours or zeros.  Used to be $4500 average.  May be less now


YPhoto.com   $69 with no bidders.   17 years old. How much is Y.photo?

NFNO.com  Good Western letters.  O for organization.

Systematically.com  Long word but kind of techy sounding.  Only 13 bidders

CD66.com  People are going to go after this one because of the 66

Raspberries.org  Huge Raspberry fan.  Dot org not quite as exciting but still works

ChipBoy.com  I like ChiPs but I’m no boy.   I mean officially I am but you know what I mean

Loopz.com  Z is still cooler than S

DigiFlo.com  No bidders.  A good Brand site domain for the price

DomainNameResale.com  The market most of us are in. No bidders at $69

BlowDryers.com  Not sure if its a big enough category to have its own site but I feel like it is.

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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  1. coreyp

    158888.com….the seller should list it at godaddy with a reserve. Flippa is not the place to list a name like this. A 20k plus name easily

  2. Meyer

    “So who am I going to vote for? I absolutely have no idea.”

    You better make a decision soon. Your voting polls close in a couple hours.
    My suggestion is . Just kidding.

  3. Anthony

    Hello Shane,

    I will give you a quick overview of my perspective on the US election candidates.

    Trump – Divisive, pandering to the disenfranchised who have seen their incomes stagnate through globalization and yet have fallen into the class war, and race your side of the pond, trap of divide and conquer, hence find themselves blaming the wrong people. Although more left leaning than most, even Hillary, on a number of subjects, he is psychotic.

    Cruz & Rubio – Bought and paid for, they actually are just as bad as Trump but few point this out. One of the funnier exchanges in the debates was where these two were either side of Trump berating him because he said he would not let someone die on the street if they did not have insurance. Imagine, in a 1st world civilized country.

    kasich – The only human running on this side, means he has no chance.

    Hillary – The embodiment of everything wrong with economic domestic policy and foreign policy.

    Sanders – Another human, I have the feeling that only Sanders and Kasich are actually in politics for the civic responsibility and duty.

    Watching Trump play to an audience the GOP have created through 8 years of dog whistle politics has been funny, even funnier that Republicans blame Obama for the present situation and cannot see how this situation has arisen.

    As they say, may you live in interesting times.

  4. Robin jilderda

    Re: Politics
    As a Canadian I would like to thank the USA election process for the best reality TV show on today.
    In reality the whole world is very interested in the election process of the greatest democracy on the planet.

  5. greg slaughterbeck

    Although he doesn’t stand a chance in Florida where I am located my vote goes to John Kasich. He has the most experience and he has the compassion that we desperately need

  6. Steve

    Bearnie would be good for the country. My wife and I were visiting a hospital for the flu in Florida and a nurse there said they were moving to Canada because they were sick of telling patients they could not help them when they had the medicine that would help right in the cupboard behind them but their insurance did not cover it. No one was put in jail for the wall street mess. Bernie is the only one that promises to try to do something. Obama didn’t do anything. Trump is a nutcase. Canadians are thinking about putting up a wall to keep nutjobs like trump out if he gets in. Fun times.

    1. Josh E

      Everyone gets treated when they go to the emergency department, whether they have insurance or not. That’s one of the reasons large hospitals and medical groups provide all kinds of free services, clinics, Community medicine, because it actually saves them money. Community Medicine puts medical professionals in the non paying community to provide proactive and pre-preemptive care. They do this because they save money, they would rather treat a non paying patient early and stop major medical issues. I bring this up because it’s actually a cool idea driven by the market and not government run, and it supports the point that everyone will get treated at the hospital whether they pay or not.

  7. David

    Shane, I’m real disturbed you apparently would not vote for Donald Trump under any circumstance, even if paid.

    Do you agree Donald Trump is the only one who can really stop drugs, build a real wall, stop illegals, terrorists, defeat ISIS and make the economy and America Great Again!

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