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The staycation ended for me yesterday.  It was probably the best 10 days off I’ve ever had.  My wife and daughter were both off and we stayed at home for 10 days and just goofed around.  A movie here a football game there.  No plans, no schedule.  It was actually a little boring at times.  We still all averaged 50 miles running each for the week but we ran when we wanted to and slept in a lot (ran so we could eat a lot of deserts).   I need more drive in my every day life and work gives that,  but I would be lying if I said I wanted to go back to work.  I would love to do an entire year with my family like that.  My daughter is almost off to college and the reality is there aren’t going to be many more years of 10 days of us just us together.  Work can wait.  It was wonderful to be bored for the first time in years.  Here are today’s names.  Click to see current price.

Quote of the Day:  “Don’t climb the mountain so the world can see you but so you can see the world

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids     This name is good enough that the right buyer might get you enough to buy some.. or at least a down payment  Lead gen all the way   Reminds me of K-Pop or Korean music   Love this type of name.  A lot of uses.   Company name or a marketing name for some campaign  I like it, just not sure I like it at this price.   I’ll leave it up to you     $2500 Plus name that someone let expire.  Gotta love it   If it doesn’t ring a bell its the name of the company from The Office  The price on this domain shows there are so many things I have no idea what they are and lots of people care about them    I like the pattern.  I only buy really good patterns right now.  Memorable is memorable   The owner is going to tell you its pronounced “Pixea”  and in this case I will agree   Tip number one.  Wear comfortable shoes   The only other on the GD board today   I see this as more of a discussion site than an information site.


Domains With One or No Bids Everyone’s idea of this is different, but not that different. No bids Food delivery or some kind of pickup company. Not bad for $12. Memorable I can easily see this on a bumper sticker or shirt No bids. It’s memorable and short but 7 UP may not like it I can think of a few uses on this one. Good value at $12 IMO Sounds what my daughter would name her mixtape. One bidder I like it for some reason. Maybe I just like the word pal No bidders at $12. So much better than all these random 5Ls that people still register Another one that fails the radio test miserably but is only $12 and short Sounds like a collectible doll you can buy in Boulder A lot of money once you’ve earned your gay degree  I hear my daughter say this almost every day so it must have some value

Some Shorties and Numerics Worth Looking At

Domains With Bids

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NAMEJET  Nice sounding brand.  No bids 18 years old  No bidders.  Upgrade name for quite a few companies   Works well with the dot org.  No bids.  And make sure your pension plan isn’t run by Illinois.  You will get a bowl of dust when its time to draw  Nice pattern.  First or TwoTwo are going to eat this up   Home schooling, online education.  Both are big money   Double H will bring in the Chinese bids  Great brand.  Only 17 bidders at press time  Interior design or air conditioner    Reserve looks like its going to be reasonable

Flippa and Sedo  Sponsored by Hoover.  A bunch of people that love their clean homes   Another weed name but it has the bitcoin thing going for it too.  I’m not a “weed” fan though prefer canna or simply another name that refers to the product like the word leaf   Findyourbrand would be 10 times the value but not as much   Going to fail the radio test but nice visually.    And short   Best……….name…………ever………17 years old


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