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May 13 2016


The Hacked Daily List, and it’s on Friday the 13th

So here I am again on Friday the 13th. Shane asked me to do the list today, he said something about wearing a hockey mask and “settling a score” I’m not really sure what he meant my that. I’m joking, he’s probably running 100 miles carrying a tree, just to see if he can, which I’m sure he dsadfridaycan.

My disclaimer again; these are names that I think have some value or maybe there just fun and in turn might have some value to someone. I try to find names that when I see them I immediately envision a business or a website of some sort, maybe numerous different sites based on different ideas. I also look for names that are commonly said things, names that seem like they’d make good brands and numbers that I think have value and are memorable.

One of the great things about domaining is the ability for anyone to find great names based on their life experience, background and knowledge. There are names that expire or drop everyday that might not mean anything to me, but it might be a popular term or phrase in whatever business or world you live in. Everyone has some unique life experience that  very few other domainers have, and we all have our own unique perspectives that can help us find value where others can’t.

I hope you enjoy the list and find a name that you can sell for profit, or maybe a name that you want to turn into a business. I have thousands that I want to turn into businesses. Just waiting for that right email among all the spam from a site builder that looks like a winner. 🙂

HardWorkPaysOff.com Nice phrase name. Hard work pays off as long as it’s smart and not just hard.


NeverComingDown.com Great weed name, it’s so good you’re never coming down.

SenseOfPurpose.com We all want to have a sense of purpose as we stare at computer screens for hours on end.

SolutionsForHealing.com Maybe a bit long, but lots of people need solution for healing.


WayBelow.com Not sure what you do with it, maybe our prices are “way below” the competition, or someplace that’s really cold. Maybe a mining or caving company.


FoundSomething.com What was found? Click to find out.


VividJoy.com Joy so great you can see it.

UnlimitedWatch.com This made me think of an online video streaming service.


TimeOasis.com I like this one as a vacation site. In the time oasis time stands still, you forget about all your everyday problems that are in the time desert.

ThermoBarrier.com Protect whatever from heat

SnoopTools.com The site that sells spy tools

SafetyScouts.com Safety is a big industry, every company pays workmens comp insurance. Bigger companies have safety people on staff to ensure compliance. Some smaller companies hire safety consultants to study their system and process. The consultants make recommendations to make the companies safer. This can save money on insurance and help avoid time loss and expensive claims.

RoboFast.com fast robots to clean up your messes or cut your lawn

RightDecor.com A name for an interior designer

RetroRental.com Online rental for crap from bygone era’s. Civil war re enactors rent gear after their own garments get riddled with bullet holes.

ProfitTouch.com Like King Midas and the golden touch


PerfectBasement.com My wife once signed me up for a “free” basement waterproofing estimate. The gimmick was a free basement waterproofing. Those bastards called me like 20 times until I threatened to physically harm them if they called again.

Peanuggets.com I don’t know what this is, but I thought it sounded funny.

OptimalMortgage.com You get it, it’s a mortagage name.

NovaDesign.com New or Star like Design.

NoRights.com The cry of a group of oppressed people.

MysteriousDeath.com  I’m sure someone wants to make a ghost site about mysterious deaths and the trapped spirits they leave behind.

MyScoop.com  It’s kinda of a cool name for an aspiring or novice news reporter, maybe a site to submit any news tips you have.

MomCareers.com  Lots of mom’s work full time and raise family’s. Some mom’s transition from full time homemaker to part time careers then to full time careers as there kids get older. This site guides mom’s through the process, maybe helps them keep skills current.

MightyHot.com Hot peppers, Wings, Sauces and lots of other things can be Mighty Hot.

ListLocal.com  Local selling, basically craigslist without Craig

LearningGeek.com A tutoring site, or a site that teaches you to be a Geek.

LawRep.com Short name that says what it is, lawyers are expensive and can pay for domains. Most lawyers have some crappy domain with all four partners represented in the name.

LastLover.com You no longer need to look for any more lovers, because the last one may kill you if you do.

JustTiredOfIt.com I am just tired of it, probably gets verbablized 1000 times a day at 75% of workplaces.

JingLee.com At first I was thinking this was a brandable for Jingle, I guess it can be, but it’s also a Chinese name.

InstantPleasures.com Why wait?

IncomeMedia.com Two good keywords mated together for something awesome.

iHomeGarden.com Do you find an alternate TLD or is it still ok to add a letter to the front? i for me or i for internet.


IdLikeToGo.com Take me with you, I’d like to go.

GameTycoon.com The store that has a monopoly on all the games.

FlyArizona.com Arizona is a beautiful state, you’ve got the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Tucson, and border patrol.

EgoDriven.com  May have a negative conotation so maybe you use it to idenitfy narcasistic a-holes.


DrainKit.com As seen on TV plumbing solution.

DivorceHealer.com Counseling and mental health are huge industries, if fact they probalby should be bigger. A lot of people will go to the Dr for a cold, but avoid getting mental health help when they need it. Divorce is one of the most emotionally devastating things to go through in life. A Divorce Healer can help.

DiveAnywhere.com I have a Padi advanced open water dive certification that allows to dive anywhere. Well anywhere diving is allowed.

CyberNotice.com Is cyber still a good internet keyword? Or have we moved on to other terms like VR for everything.

CreateAnime.com An app or site to… wait for it…. Create Anime.

BusinessOptions.com  Self explanatory, like most of the ones I’ve written whole paragraphs on.

BlockEasy.com Stop phone calls, threats, tackels, easily block whatever you want. Or a product that lets you lay cinder block without mud. That stuff drys your skin out.


Blockeo.com Just like the above, only shorter.

BikeDiscounts.com I built a site not too long ago for a friend that sells used bikes. Everytown has a bike shop or two, go to the one that gives discounts.

AsianDrivers.com We all know what this site is about, driving 35 MPH on the interstate in the left lane with the right blinker on for 100 miles.


ZenRed.com All Chinese here.


Pickwicks.com There are places named this, a movie, many different things.

Swingu.com Your own personal swing.

Scizza.com  No idea, sounds cool

Coprisa.com Seems like every other extention belongs to a different company with this name.

Wm83.com, mx23.com, 87rf.com Well at least they have 8’s well 2 out of 3 anyway 

Zzzon.com It’s only 5 letters makes me thing sleep on, keep sleeping.


Short and numerics

gaz.biz, gom.net, vuc.biz, ewv.cc

22784.com 5n

MMCP.com LLLL Chip, hasn’t met reserve. 

One worders

Assassination.biz Great name if this is your business.

Techy.biz I like this one a lot. If you were a Techy with a business you would like it too.

Fishwrap.org Slang for any printed journalistic medium (newspaper, magazine, etc.) with such low credibility and standards in acceptable journalism, that its only useful function is to wrap fresh fish in.

Fiancee.biz not really a business, but can cost you lots of money.
Sucio.net Dirty in Spanish
Yodo.biz River in Japan, Iodine in Spanish
Personals.cc Community College dating
Porto.me Postage in German, Port in Portuguese

6n’s I like

126927.com, 138819.com, 187770.com, 187775.com, 356088.com, 372088.com, 375088.com, 494942.com, 494944.com, 501388.com, 509288.com, 519088.com, 576088.com, 582511.com 582512.com, 701288.com, 706788.com, 729993.com, 775750.com, 984448.com

7n’s I like… lol no one will take me seriously now. That’s why it’s at the end. Buy at your own risk.

1401111.com, 1402222.com, 1404444.com,1405555.com, 1435555.com, 1441111.com, 1442222.com, 1445555.com, 1461111.com, 1462222.com, 1464444.com, 1465555.com, 1471111.com, 1472222.com, 1474444.com, 1481111.com, 1482222.com, 1484444.com, 1491111.com, 1492222.com, 1494444.com, 1495555.com, 1502222.com, 1504444.com, 1514444.com, 1521111.com, 1524444.com, 1531111.com, 1534444.com, 1541111.com, 1542222.com, 1545555.com, 1554444.com, 1564444.com, 1574444.com, 1594444.com, 1612222.com, 1614444.com, 1624444.com

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

Veterinarian.tv  10 year old domain, I envision it as a site that has videos on health tips for your animals. 

uHumor.com Everyone likes a funny site, this one’s short and about you. 


GirlFriend.cc  Buy this name for your girl friend just for the email value. [email protected], she’ll love it.

CollectorSet.com  This it the site where people go to buy whole sets of whatever they collect, or the site that matches you up with the person that has the one you need to make the set.

9599.info  Nice pattern, lots of 9’s only 1 bidder.

Cafetos.com Spanish for Coffee plant or tree, seems like a good name for a cafe.

StructuredSettlement.net I imagine there’s a lot of money in this sort of thing.

Seizure.net People deal with seizure management everyday, many have know idea why the have seizures or what might cause the next one to happen. Maybe this site connects people with seizures together so they can learn from each other.

Imaginary.net Could be anything, anything at all might not even be real.

WebApplicationDevelopment.com   Make cool apps, we all need more apps to play with.

WholesaleMetals.com Lots of money in Scrap metal, some people drive around and look for metal as a hobby so they can scrap it. They also steal it.

AnimationCompanies.com  Sounds like a comparison site of different companies, maybe with affiliate links.

EconomicsToday.com  A magazine about economics would be good for everyone, unless the motto is “print more money”

CalorieCalculator.org  The org works here, even if you were doing a for profit play. I think people get hung up on org being for non profits, any company is some sort of “organization”. Not my first choice extension but you can make it work, people know it and respect it.

QuickAdvances.com I can see the TV commercial now, day time TV right after the lawyer commercials. People want their money quick.

hlhl.com   ABAB pattern

fwwf.com ABBA pattern

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