Jul 02 2016


Ahh the fourth of July weekend is here already, lots of picnics, travel and fireworks. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend. Remember not to hold firecrackers or fireworks in your hand when you set them off, it will blow your hand apart. And don’t drink and drive.


0q.org CC
4f7.com CCC
5h8.com CCC
Bounce.xyz Xyz’s getting some bids
CharmHer.com Learn how to win her over
Chiefs.net  My dog’s name
FitCity.com Not located in the US
GoBook.com Go book a trip, or read a book
HealHappy.com Laughter is good for healing
hooio.com 5L brandable
loudounrealestate.com County in Northern VA, Lots of money
Namer.net Can you sell Brands on a .net?
OurSize.com Custom made whatever that’s just our size
Sofa.me Your own personal sofa
TumorCure.com Anti Angiogeneis, look it up


19 LLL.io’s No reserve 

Dip.one Not sure what you’re dipping, but curious to see if this goes for anything

lineups.net A Sports book name

Main List

AntiAches.com Fight Pain
AreYouFunny.com The site the finds potential comics or comedy writers
AutonomousMind.com The Self governing mind
BestYummyRecipes.com Because no one wants directions for food that sucks
BetterBacker.com I think of product that you hang tile, or backing for any construction material.
BigDesigns.com Giant Logos, or a good name for a design company of any size
BioComposite.com A material made out of recycled material
BlackhatTricks.com When you wanna game google and don’t mind the risk
BodybuildingTime.com What time is it? It’s body building time
BuzzFinance.com Buzz + keyword
CallForLegal.com Not a bad Law domain
CatCabana.com Crazy cat people rent their cats their own rooms at the beach
ChildRecovery.com Find your kid?
CityRelief.com City rehab or rejuvenation
Clifts.com Not really sure, but it looks like a word
ClubIntuition.com The site that teaches you how to work the club
ComeDine.com A nice name for a restaurants or guide
ControlFull.com Make sure everything goes the way you want
CreditRoyal.com Royal’s a decent addon to a lot of keywords, makes it sound special
CreditSolution.com Nice name in a huge niche
CrowdMeals.com family style dining, or spaghetti, it’s the easiest thing to feed to a crowd
DeepEducation.com Learning that goes to the next level
DemocracyGroup.com Everyone gets a vote
DietingDoesntWork.com Lifestyle change is the key, apparently
DomainCrafter.com A tool that finds the best unregistered names
DontBreakup.com It’s a hassle, just stay together.
EasyStudio.com Make videos or record songs easily
EyeCertified.com Eye Dr or maybe a certification that lets you do something that requires perfect vision, life fly a fighter plane
FaithTv.com 247 church
FemaleCat.com Typically referred to as “Queen” or “Molly” I didn’t know that
FirstOutlook.com The first view of something, maybe the weather
Flash-Memory.com Hyphen, but lots of search
FunRentals.com Jet Ski’s, boats, bikes
GeekSetup.com Tech setup
GoManual.com Automatic is boring
HardTry.com Try again till it gets easier
HighlyTrusted.com Maybe a Legal or Doctor’s name. Make them trust you with your name alone
HtmlAdvice.com Learn to code
iShallNot.com I shall not drink coffee after midnight
JazzGym.com The gym that only plays Jazz
LearnToPublish.com The site that helps you publish that book you always wanted to write, but then outsourced
LifeSoar.com Sounds like a fun energetic name
LiquidOrange.com AKA OJ or Orange Juice
LocoLocals.com Crazy people
ManlyPurse.com It’s a Satchel
MarriageDebate.com A popular topic for like the last 10 years
MeFocus.com It’s all about me
ModernCosmetics.com Makeup for the trendy
ModernHearth.com A gas powered fake fireplace that gives off digital heat
MyEats.com The food that I like to eat
NightCommando.com Could be a video game or even a Tactical, Military surplus store
NowCoach.com Coaching tips, or life coaching
OceanSki.com Good name if you have a business renting jet ski’s and are located by an ocean
PageOptimize.com SEO name
PartyHires.com Find entertainment for your next party
PayDues.com The site that lets you pay your membership dues
PayRaze.com This one could be a really clever name. Tell your employee’s they’re getting a Pay Raze, they won’t understand when their check is cut in half . Raze to tear down or demolish, level to the ground.
PicsPrinter.com Quickly print pictures you took on your phone
PinBuzz.com Pin and Buzz married together
PoliticalRating.com Rate politicians and assign them a score
PromotionSale.com Find deals
PurpleWheat.com Could be anything
PuzzleCrafters.com This made me think of the new reality entertainment, can’t remember what it’s called. Basically you get locked in a room with strangers and have to find clues to get out.
RightStand.com Make a stand for what’s right
RocketSpinner.com Ahh Rocket… Maybe fast content creation that spins someone else’s work into an unreadable but unique version
RomanticText.com Don’t have time to remember to be romantic? This service sends random romantic texts to your loved one.
SalesFun.com Buy something, safe money and have fun
SavingIsGood.com Marketing name for a bank
SeniorHelpServices.com Lots of Seniors that need help with something
SharpTraveler.com Travel in style
ShootYourX.com The service that saves you lots of money long term. come on people it’s a joke
SinusDetox.com Flush that crap out of your nose, it causes problems.
SinusHygiene.com Seriously, I believe in the Neti pot. It works
SocialRevive.com Bring back your social life, or social media
SpiderChicken.com I think it’s awesome, and I don’t know why
SportsPhysicalTherapy.com Here’s a word that you really need the plural for it to work, Sport doesn’t sound right
SteadyStride.com I like it, could be for lot’s of things from footwear to confidence building
StoneSculpt.com Make something beautiful out of rocks
SummerCleanse.com Get ready for summer by cleaning all the toxins out.
SunSigns.com Telling the time by the sun?
SuperSlueth.com I think this is a game or something
SystemRush.com Make your system go faster
TacoLocal.com Imported tacos may have Cilantro and Shane hates it. I think Cilantro is the taste of summer.
TidyCare.com A cleaning service
UKReferendum.com Like Brexit?
UltimateStunt.com like Evel Knievel
VideoStreamingServices.com Has a bunch of bids, I don’t really like it, but I know what it is. What do you do with it, besides list streaming services?
VLogChat.com Video Log Chat
WaterRepel.com Keep your stuff dry
WealthEarner.com Make some money
ZenPair.com The pair that goes together great
Zerfoss.com It’s a last name, there’s an insurance company with this name
247debthelp.com A Pair of all day and night debt names

Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

Your LLLL.coms of The Day

krbg.com vodr.com
hqwt.com uxya.com
fxnl.com mayv.com

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday

xkkf.net irin.org lxpl.info
vraa.net sdjb.org yyqj.info
vxzv.net ctyn.org dbrj.info
wrem.net klte.org jyjd.info
ttiw.net wqub.org xcfs.info
enfs.net omcd.org lmcr.info
enpm.net lrie.net hjfs.info
okop.net hujk.net

LLL’s, CCC’s, 5L’s

21o.com oi7.net bjsfk.com
uk8.com b82.cc pbqqq.com
yg.biz vz5.net syfhw.com
xor.biz b81.cc szgkh.com
aqm.me b83.cc zvzzz.com


anbes.com kizic.com sinlie.com
attentius.com lasino.com sloddy.com
azunta.com loobla.com sofimo.com
bauzer.com migari.com tasobo.com
bozog.com naxak.com tekom.com
delity.com obyeo.com tozigo.com
disconto.com Opaqued.com tubago.com
fiqia.com openity.com tuzigo.com
fofay.com practics.com valcony.com
fumor.com printaroo.com vodoc.com
gasino.com rexleo.com zobbix.com
heyuh.com ritez.com
insyto.com simpligo.com

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms HERE

Some Numbers

8n’s with bids….

898118.com 88855999.com 679m.com
131012.com 01238888.com ml80.com
459456.com 299.us r712.com
031515.com 667888.cc rex5.com
961069.com 1230.us wl21.com
76766.cc x826.com

One Worders and Other TLD’s

Aggravated.net SafeHouse.us
UnfairDismissal.net Hires.biz
PCShop.org Uptight.us
Dialer.org Vocals.cc

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and  VR

DarkVapor.com VapeEssence.com
GrowResource.com VeganStories.com
UrbanVegans.com VRProd.com


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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