Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: HotDog.com, Filament.com, BTCC.com, More

Jul 02 2016

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. HotDog.com sold for $150,000

You can see the TrufaCo.com for-sale lander below. “TrufaCo is a silicon valley technology company that engages in a number of different business models at the start-up level. As with all businesses, our focus changes from time to time and we are sometimes left with valuable, brandable, premium domain names that do not fit our specific goals.


2. Filament.com sold for $89,000

This was picked up by a company that has raised over $7 million in funding. “Filament provides turnkey wireless sensor networks for industrial customers that let you retrofit any existing machine, sensor, or device.” The site has an Alexa rank near 1.5 million.

The name was needed as part of a rebrand from Pinocc.io. “Pinoccio is an amazing brand, but not quite appropriate for our new customer base. Previously when you heard about Pinoccio Scouts, you’ll now hear talk of Filament Taps.


3. BTCC.com sold for $58,000

An upgrade from BTCChina.com, “BTCC was originally founded as BTCChina in 2011. It was China’s first bitcoin exchange, and is now the longest-running and amongst the largest in the world.” The site is the week’s traffic leader by a long shot, with its Alexa rank near 50,000.


4. Cloud.io sold for $45,000

Domain is parked.

5. IPEK.com sold for $40,000

The domain redirects to Canan.com.tr, and you can see the “ipek” branded hair care products below. “Canan Kozmetik was established in İstanbul in 1981 with 100% local capital for producing haircare products. After short time introducing its’ shampoo products under the brand ‘İpek’, Canan Kozmetik became market leader in Turkey haircare market.”


6. CCC.net sold for $17,888

Domain doesn’t resolve. It’s owned by the company behind CCC.gr and CCC.me, and the latter is developed. The domain is an abbreviation for Consolidated Contractors Company. “CCC’s origins go back to 1952 when three talented young entrepreneurs, the late Kamel Abdul-Rahman, the late Hasib Sabbagh, and Said Khoury, joined forces to create one of the first Arab construction companies.”

7. DreamCasino.com sold for $15,600

Domain is parked. Owned by the folks behind the Betway.com online bookie and casino website.

8. HotMiami.com sold for $15,000

Domain is parked.

9. EnglishLanguage.com sold for $14,999

Domain is parked.

10. TradingIdea.com sold for $14,000

Alexa rank near 1 million. A stock and Forex site. “At TradingIdea authors PUBLISH trading Ideas to their Strategies and charge a monthly Strategy subscription fee. The most profitable and interesting strategies get the most subscribers.


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