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Today is small business saturday, a day to patronize your local family owned stores. While you’re there you can try and sell them a better domain than the one they’re using. Then you can have a website built for them at lol I’m joking, it doesn’t resolve.

Speaking of which, sorta, I found this name is going to auction soon.  Was that Adam’s blog or was it I can’t remember.

Main List

Names With Bids  Nice programming .net  While it obvioulsy means huge city, it sounds like a toy set or brand.  Be a parent that thinks instead of just reacting  A good call to action name  Great .org here  Cobra Commander

Names With One Bid  Has exclusive knowledge of the weather, will share it with you on their site  I really like this one. Sell cars or motorcylce’s and gear

The No Bid List  Like a wine tour only several weeks long instead of one evening  Wiki leaks expands from emails to mind hacking, they they publish your thoughts   I site for ex-con’s to tell their story of how they got caught  Get a good night sleep and wake refreshed and alert   13 T’s. Really a horrible name, I mean sure it’s rare, there are only 26 13 character 1 letter domains, but you’ll lose count at least 10 times typing the letters out.  Identify injustice or anything that isn’t right  100% made by the Spanish  Selected out of all the regular plumbers for their quality  writing papers, research, teaching, that’s Scholar work  Memorable name for a product to get rid of this problem  Apparently people like rockets  A race car name, or muffler brand that really doesn’t muffle anything.  Could be a brand, oak is a strong hardwood and the roots are just as tough.  Seriously, stay under your bridge or where ever they let you live  Nothing says damn this is tasty like Mighty  Could be a site for cold medicine, or maybe it’s a metaphor for cencorship or something along those lines  A product that takes years off as soon as you use or consume it  Stress management  Precious metal prices always fluctuate when they surge you could call it a revival  If I owned the domains I would want this one too. No one knows which spelling is breath and which is breathe. See you said them both the same didn’t you?  Robotics that help the flow  Fire your boss and work for yourself  Have Options forever  and benefits too  Strom, fire, smoke, water damage restoration  High CPC industry, build a credit card affiliate site  an IQ test  Don’t buy this one, I thought it was clever and an image immediately sprang to mind. A Bougie in the EMS/hospital setting is a long flexible piece of plastic that is used to place and endotracheal tube.  It can be inserted blind on difficult airways or with direct laryngoscopy (viewing the vocal chords), with the ET tube then slide over it and into the airway. Anyway I thought it was fun, Bougie instead of Boogie. bougiedsad  Something to do with plants, if you’re into that sort of thing  I like it as a brand for something  Fantasy book Dwarves, the Amish and Hipsters  Feel better about your next used car purchase if it’s certified  Have pride in your sports   Get help with your solar installation so you don’t shock yourself  A site or app to help people stay on task  Weightloss?  Like Sports Authority except for batteries  Quick course on basic battle techniques   My daughter  Midwives, OBGYN’s  record all your phone calls   They come around and give you fines for stupid things  containters to keep perishable food cold  Don’t have a baby sitter? Buy a Dad Robot so you can do whatever you want  A domain expiring auction name   Make all your information secret  Reminds me of Mony Python  seams hidden so well you can’t see them  A brokerage service that sells websites  Not sure if this is a thing, but I assume it is.  Don’t really like the “ing” but if StudyZone isn’t available you still know what this is. Actually I’m still not sure but it sounds like a fancy name for a library.  A post work out protein shake   Got rich just on affiliate sales  Get porn addiction help, because you can’t get anything done beating off all day.

Namejet  Weed on every corner in Denver  Get yourself some bionic body parts  Rehabilitation for people addicted to eating  You get everything, not just a trial or a preview, but full access  They keep the stones and sticks out of your boots  It’s starting to get cold out finally  Big deal in schools or anywhere kids might eat food. Some kids are deadly allergic to Peanuts, so make sure it’s safe  Set up your own weed store, or maybe it’s a guide to teach people all the details that they’ll need to know before they start selling pot. As regulations emerge and more states adopt recreational MJ use, there will be a huge need for guidance  Companies have whole teams dedicated to Promoting and advertising on social media.  Need a short loan or an emergency loan  Attaches to the tractor to spray things like shit around  Special classes and teaching for students that need extra help or those that have exceeded the current teaching level and are ready for something more challenging.  Homes built off site and delivered to your lot   a person or thing that inhibits.  Good name for a loan broker, they locate the best lender to meet your needs  Save on your next meal close to where you live  More important now with the ethynol added  Make sure your basement is dehumidified next summer, to avoid mold growth  Techy’s deal with digital things


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