Jun 21 2016


Another great Sherpa show yesterday. One of the main points discussed dealt with the timing of a domain investment. This is a key point to consider and there are many different angles to it.

As far as new G’s, I agree with the Sherpa’s, the registry’s have taken the place of the investor with the premium prices and renewals. Maybe good span the dot names may be profitable down the road but you’ll go bankrupt paying the premium prices before you get there.

The same concept can be applied to com’s. Take a look at VR names for example, timing is everything both on the buy and the sell. The actual industry won’t be able to absorb all the names anytime soon if ever, so while getting in early will probably be profitable getting out early may be just as important. If something’s hot there’s nothing wrong with getting in, but the real trick is knowing when to get out.

The other thing to consider with any name, new or old extension is the industry it targets. There are some industries that will, in general, never pay super premium prices for a name. There are other industries that are really broad have tons of options for any  business interested in a name. Along with what one of the sherpa’s said I think the New G’s will get picked up first by local business that are looking for a decent brand, or something descriptive to their industry. With that said I think if you’re going to do new G investing you best shot is good span the dot names that are industry specific.  

I’m not saying it’s a good investment, just that it might have a better shot at being a good investment.  I’m thinking of extensions, like  vision, dentist, plumbing, legal, florist, things like that, businesses that have money and have a presence in every community no matter the size. But then there are so many good brands for these industries in .com that are available. So maybe the timing isn’t quite here yet.

Click for current pricesfullmetalrackitdsad



CaravanForum.com The forum for nomadic tribes crossing the dessert

fiwd.com Free Ice With Drink

bwip.com  Bring Water Into Park

rvlc.com VR almost

AvidTrader.com A blog for stock tips and advice

xowc.com  LLL -Corporation

QualityAircraft.com You want quality if you’re buying these things.

DigitalManager.com Nice digital brand

YogaGroove.com Get your Yoga groove on, no bids


TeamAdvisor.com  Tell the team what to do

dpah.com Delicious Pot and Hemp


TeachStudents.com No reserve, A name that tells you what it does

Tabled.com The names not bad, comes with food related website

hfh.com At $16k has a long way to go to hit reserve

Main List

AfterKids.com A retirement name
AskMyName.com Ok, What’s your name?
AthleteInsure.com Shane Needs to get this before playing soccer and mountaineering. It’s like aflac for athletes
BeachBarista.com Fun name for an all female staff beach bar
BeachWind.com Rent shelters at the shore
BirdTips.com Learn about birds?
BirthdaySupplies.com A calendar, So you know when your birthday is
BlastPath.com Tanks, dynomite, rockets
BloodTree.com Like a family tree, but more intense
BranderMedia.com Another branding site, or ad company
CanEffect.com You can Effect Change
CannaJeans.com Jeans that you can smoke
CareerXL.com Extra Large Jobs, Driving monster trucks
ChatFuze.com An app that links “fuzes” all of your other chat apps together
ChillPower.com A freezer that plugs in like most other freezer
CityAvenue.com Seems like a good urban brand
ClassifiedApp.com Sell stuff on your phone
ClutterCrew.com Get rid of all the clutter by hiring the clutter crew
CodeCheats.com Shortcut’s to your coding success
CommunityVentures.com Call your friends and neighbors and make something happen
ConcertSpy.com Concert Bootlegging service
CorporateSecret.com Like Tim Ferriss this site deconstructs corporations to find out what they do right.
CrazyAddiction.com Eating furniture stuffing is a crazy addiction
CurrencyLoop.com Maybe the chains go in a loop, I don’t really know
DealBefore.com Get the deal done before anyone knows what happened
DeliciousSurprise.com MMMM could be anything, but it’s gonna be delicious
DinoSquad.com A pack of rampaging dinosaurs
DontMoveYet.com I see this as a home problem fixer site. You want to move becuase your house is falling down, you hate your neighbors or you’re in a flood zone? Don’t move yet, we’ll take care of the problem
DreamCaster.com Send or fulfil your dreams, maybe VR
ExtraBreak.com A relaxing vacation name
ExtremeWorkwear.com Ridiculous mismatching office wear, or Clothing for those that work outside
FacialNumbness.com You’re probably hyperventilating
Fenzing.com Fences kinda?
FitnessWeapons.com Shane uses running shoes.
FlipTheWorld.com Sell lots of crap for a profit
ForeverSalty.com The Dead Sea
FullMetalRackIt.com Like full metal jacket, but you sell shelves
FundDaily.com Fund as a verb not a noun, Fund me Daily
GamerHigh.com Video game bliss
GardenBoost.com Meth for plants
GreatExplainer.com A very articulate speaker
GreenSealant.com Eco friendly glue
GruntMonkeys.com A moving service, or a service that does the stuff you hate doing.
HappyImaginations.com A preschool or daycare
HealthyPetClinic.com A good name for a vet
HeavenIsHome.com Where you tell the kids the dog went, if the vet didn’t work out as you planned.
HerbPacks.com Lots if uses for “herb”
HomeReels.com A service that takes old family films and restores them, then makes them digital
HopsJava.com Coffee and Beer together, sounds like a stout
HybridFurnace.com The furnace that keeps you warm through the cold winters and burns anything
IndianBasic.com The crash course to prepare you for your trip to India
InformaTech.com Call Tech support
iToldEm.com The way them is actually pronounced
iTweeted.com Is tweeted a TM? maybe
LandInnovation.com a developer that does cool things with the land. Probably just builds condo’s but the name makes it sound like they’re awesome
LanguageSpeaker.com Seems obvious, but I think it works as a translation service
MarriageEncounter.com A vegas full service Chapel
MegaExclusive.com The only damn one, that’s how exclusive
MeSkinny.com Me not skinny
MindBlows.com It works as a crazy WTF was that site.
MinistryNetwork.com A group of church leaders that communicate and share ideas
MovingGurus.com I think it’s a good name for a moving company.
MyInflatable.com Personalized inflatable dolls, like Weird Science but latex
MyTimeTracker.com Also known as a Watch or clock
Namometer.com no idea what this is with the “M”
NatureSoul.com an outdoorsy name
NeighborWars.com We have storage wars, parking wars, neighbor wars is next
NewPranks.com Fresh and innovative pranking
OffersUp.com Don’t really like the “S” but it gets traffic
Out-break.com Pandemic in Germany, just because they like hyphens
OutOfPassion.com A viagra marketing name
PCWork.net Grab this and sell it before Pc’s go away
PeddlerShack.com A Peddler’s wagon without wheels, or a bike shop
PersonalizedPages.com Build websites for people, or design Social media pages
PickersChoice.com The best of American Pickers
PlanLook.com Share and collaberate on your plans

And the rest after I realized I was tired of writing

PoorOld.com SteamRecipes.com VaraMax.com
PremiumFiber.com StillBlessed.com VesselMedia.com
PutNote.com StoryBin.com VibranceMedia.com
RefurbishedCars.com StudyingSucks.com VideoRewind.com
RemoteSource.com StyleMePerfect.com VirtualFencing.com
RepoProtection.com SuburbStyle.com WakeupSleep.com
RestorationOf.com Suddenhunger.com WebLayers.com
RideTrip.com SuperChewy.com WellnessExtracts.com
RideTrips.com SwiftCleans.com WildConey.com
RoyalSight.com TasteDeluxe.com WowInstaller.com
SavingPays.com TechGoldmine.com YouthSportsbook.com
SecretOfHealing.com ThatFile.com ZeroProof.com
SeeKona.com TheNewStore.com ZipLending.com
SelectiveSocial.com TheRideApp.com BuildAbetterWorld.com
ServingFreedom.com TheTopHits.com BuildLocalThinkGlobal.com
ShelterKittens.com TourMalibu.com iCanDoItMyself.com
ShopChop.com TripMatrix.com IncreaseVerticalJump.com
SlowFlo.com TrueRecruit.com KnowJustEnough.com
SmellCloud.com TrustNest.com LeadersOfIndustry.com
SocialEating.com uAccountant.com NeverBuyLeadsAgain.com
SoCute.net UberReward.com WeWillBeHere.com
SoGoDoit.com Up-Service.com WhenTheTimeIsRight.com
SpinHeat.com USCarTransport.com

Your LLLL.coms of The Day


LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday


LLL’s, CCC’s, 5L’s



Amatus.com Foconi.com Rdivision.com
Auturo.com Halbz.com Revov.com
Bliked.com Harij.com Segulos.com
Blocy.com Holini.com Spekks.com
Bosali.com Instamoda.com Swely.com
Brokd.com Jazzino.com Sztzy.com
Cakabo.com Kantay.com Techdoz.com
Carebility.com Kitif.com Themesy.com
Cavai.com Lazoli.com Umommy.com
Cazlen.com Mactar.com Vanbum.com
Ciata.com Mogow.com Vocec.com
Crassi.com Narsky.com Vpoem.com
Datna.com Nazimi.com Wodya.com
Dymics.com Nifso.com Yapsi.com
Ecomly.com Noringo.com Zapano.com
Eleel.com Odlet.com Zigzar.com
Elvani.com Pegazi.com Zonity.com
Etius.com Pisoy.com Zoogl.com
Faata.com Pogged.com Zukov.com
Fesro.com Pontela.com Zunuk.com
Filneto.com Quantid.com

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms HERE

Some Numbers

59119.com 383912.com 896890.com
98144.com 428066.com 896980.com
016288.com 477207.com 902903.com
069868.com 538660.com 986890.com
161758.com 643399.com hg88368.com
231377.com 689860.com 8581.org
232477.com 772320.com 1102.info
252618.com 817910.com 3653.co
252638.com 869680.com 9099.us

One Worders and Other TLD’s

Acupuncturist.cc labtest.me Refund.biz
Bifocals.info Lace.ws Repaint.net
Casuals.co latas.org Senators.info
Clarissa.info MoneySaver.org Silk.ws
Embarrassing.tv MusicProducer.biz Socially.ws
FieldHockey.biz Nutrient.biz suva.me
FineLiving.co PaidTraffic.org TatooRemoval.biz
GodsHouse.net Pizzerias.biz Verna.co
HomeLegal.net Potential.biz Wheelchair.biz
Kathy.biz Publish.ws WildHoney.co


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  1. Gene

    “There are some industries that will, in general, never pay super premium prices for a name. There are other industries that are really broad have tons of options for any business interested in a name.”

    this is true, Josh, and precisely why I’m a huge believer in .VIP – because its ‘DNA’ is focused on exclusivity, affluence, and luxury.

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