Flippa – A Look Forward: Crying.com, Cheek.com, Argument.com, More

Jun 20 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Crying.com – We all know the word, and the domain is getting alot of love.

Cards.org – There are plenty of groups of card players, but I’m not sure if that’s what driving the price over $3k.

Distillate.com – Frankly, I still don’t understand what this word means, but it’s one word, it’s a .com, it’s no reserve, and bidding has crossed the 4-figure mark, so what the heck.

Reserve Not Met

Cheek.com – Not sure how I’d use the name, but the word is well known, and we’ve all got one or two.

Jobless.com – Similar to the domain above, I don’t know exactly how I’d use it. We hear about jobless claims in the news regularly.

Aquariums.net – This would have done really well back in the minisite days.

Rolla.com – A 20,000+/- person town in Missouri, plus a last name.

SmartAid.com – An upgrade name for a few sites.

Argument.com – If I remember correctly, this one has been up before. IMO, the BIN of $149,000 discourages bidding, because the seller appears to have unrealistic expecations.

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