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As I’m looking through the NameJet pre-release lists for names ending tonight at 23:00 EST, I find myself getting increasingly frustrated with the amount of decent names that have reserves of $1000 to $2500. When I say decent, I mean worth ordering for $69, maybe bidding to a few hundred dollars. I certainly don’t mean “decent” as in coming anywhere close to the minimum reserve of $1000.

I looked into it further, I mean who the hell is putting all these names on NameJet, essentially clogging up my search for value by putting a crapload of domains on a wholesale platform at retail prices. Buy Domains, that’s who. I mentioned before that they had numerous listings on NameJet, initially the reserves were in the $500 and under range, now there are tons of names, both decent and crap with all the reserves over $1000.

I pulled a random list of 500 names ending tonight,  and did a bulk whois check. 150 names out of the 500 I checked are owned by Buy Domains, have a reserve over $1000 and some are for sale right now on their site and Afternic for a price within the reserve range.

Take for example Pre-release ended tonight with no bids, and a reserve range of $1000 to $2500. The damn thing is for sale on their site and Afternic for $1588.

That is 30%! Like I said it was random and not scientific but let’s use it; Why are 30% of the names at NameJet owned by Buy Domains, all with unrealistic wholesale prices?

Are they using NameJet to market their names, gain exposure and sell them on a wholesale platform for retail prices? That seems pointless, but who knows maybe they sell a few this way. What I do know is that it is clogging up NameJet with loads of unsaleable names in a wholesale market.

It has to be hurting overall sales on NameJet. Anyone sorting through the list is going to get slowed down by ⅓ of the names having retail prices. They will miss names that have value at a wholesale price. The good/realistic names won’t sell or will have fewer bidders.turkeydsad

Main List

The No Bid List  A voice that promotes the truth. News Blog, investigative reporting  Bronze them or track your babies journey to walking  A Fitness name, it starts with walking. You have to walk before you can run  Really fast branding  Need a secret agent?  A brand to get rid of things that are dragging you down or keeping you in place   The truth isn’t always what we want to hear, but it’s better than lies.  So everyone what you did to succeed could be for anything, all industries have programs of some kind  A brand that’s either about fighting or anti logic  Exchange currencies on auto pilot  The site that clears up rumours or things that aren’t quite true  The first thing I thought of with this domain was being bothered by telemarketers while you’re eating. That was 20 years ago, when we all had landlines.  A one year blog to talk about being 40 years old  A site to get out of your comfort zone and try new things  A brand for all things local  A site that helps people get off medication. For example eating healthier so you don’t need blood pressure medicine  We were on vacation, now it’s on to reality  The gym for healthy Robots  Search a database to see if you owe any fines. Better do it before they issue a warrent  The Lawfirm that settles things  No it’s not a Ninja Turtle Optometrist. Its a service that scopes your sewer lines, looking for blockages or cracks  Suit Yourself? No Suit Myself  Used in the making of super people  The Botique for Sweet things  A Tree Dr service   We tried that and it didn’t work  I think it’s a great brand for lot’s of things  get your feet and walk analyzed to walk better and avoid pain  If you’re renewing all your XYZ domains you might need to take out a loan  Facial creme or Plastic surgery  Trash Haulers available around the clock  An app or system for drones or planes to get where they need to go  Has all the expired domains  Seems illegal  Be Back By 7  A name for a neclace making system that you buy for your daughter. Then you have to wear the bead necklaces  Trace a phone, find a person, PI service  A monkey name, not sure what he’s doing with candles  An app to track your weight  Real Estate, domains, anything you list  Sounds like a band name  A video game  A forum for clergy to discuss ideas  A land full of Roosters  Fresh credit  Where all the Cute is stored  A Revoultionary war name  Weird… Reuse teeth?  Cool Domain site  Delicious drinks that cost lots of money   Keep your aged Whiskey in an ever barrel  Track all the rumors  Bands playing rock music at fairs  Website help  A flea market site   A Jack system that makes your car hover so you can work on it  A weed name  we made it better   Dinner? What’s ready?  Mixes up life  Lip balm brand  Precedes the dead season  A huge database of stats  So crazy he uses a K  Witches and such  Fuel up in the UK  Retirement plan, insurance plan  An Igloo?  Look to protecting your future  They leave and head to Florida  A consumer protection site

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Namejet  A Fierce little dog  Stop driving to the bank, deposit your checks online A county in Florida  Coat whatever it is you gloss with a fresh coat


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3 Replies to “DSAD.COM: IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, November 22nd”

  1. Don’t count on getting any of the Buydomains names even if you do meet the higher pre-release pricing.

    I noticed Buydomains listing names on Namejet back in August after multiple names I ordered pre-release at the literal last minute (in which I met the minimum bid & I was the only bidder) got pulled back by Buydomains and I didn’t get the names. Namejet let them off the hook.

    From my side it looked like they pulled the names because I was the only bidder on them. Would Buydomains have left the names in the Namejet system if there were multiple bidders? I complained to Namejet and got the run around at first before the general manager apologized and admitted the truth. Looks like Buydomains wasn’t penalized too badly if they’re still listing such quantity on there.

  2. I just reread my comment and thought I should clarify – “admitted the truth” – meaning Namejet admitted Buydomains pulled the names back (but did not give me any good reason for doing so).

  3. yep – takes me twice as long to work the NJ list now as before. I’d be happy to buy some of these names at $69 to $150, but it’s a joke to price them at $1,000. If they put the reserves back in the $500 range, I might actually buy a few, and they’d certainly gather more bids.

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