Sep 30 2015

Congrats to the Traffic award winners today! Maybe I will make it out next year to see it live.

I have been re reading some books from my favorite series called The Dresden Files recently. I start and I cant put them down. The author has a great story line and the humor in it is right up my alley, sarcastic and dry. Time for bed, I have a busy morning.


LegalView.com 18 years old. We all know legal names do well. Especially if they sound official and this one sounds like a trade magazine

LegalView.com: $2261. Get the view of an attorney on your case!

MindBlowing.com Not quite as bad as GameChanger but still used a little much which means this has a lot of value. 17 years old

MindBlowing.com:$8100. Fun name. 4 figures easy.

Qest.com One U short of quest and a few hundred short of $1500

Qest.com: $2605. Nice 4L. People who don’t want to spend the big bucks on Quest might buy this one.

SofaSleeper.com Has one bid at $12. As uncomfortable as they are I know this domain is worth 10 times that

SofaSleeper.com: $1143. People still buy them and sleep on them still. It has value.

VapeSt.com Vape Street. 15 years old and no bidders. Pretty sure the original registration was not thinking about vaping

VapeSt.com: $104. If they were they should have gotten Vaping.com.

Cepan.com Means something in a few languages. Figured it has to because plain old 5L.com don’t normally get 34 bids

Cepan.com: $1,186. Its a CVCVC! As if that means something. This is also something in a made up language in a series I read. Wow. sounded cooler in my head.

RealCatchy.com Obviously not nearly as good at Catchy.com but no bidders and $12 won’t set you back too much

RealCatchy.com: $153. I would put up an ecomm site selling Velcro.

TagMedia.com Getting all the bids because……well I’m not exactly sure why. Does sound cool though

TagMedia.com: $1276. Cool factor and it sounds like a good name for a media company. and you Tag people on social media. Tie in??

RJWA.com For English acronyms I like to keep the J and Qs to the left

RJWA.com: $227. Run Jam With Aaron. Other Aaron is doing a workout video where he runs and dances at the same time. I am excited.

85955.com Very nice 5N.com with a double 5 at the end. That would explain why it’s going for so much

85955.com: $5102. 8 at the beginning and full of 5’s? Thats hot.

MWEJobs.com A PR7 with 1.5K backlinks. Gets 3,000 visitors a month according to Godaddy. And reaching the $1 per visitor price

MWEJobs.com: $6200. Gotta love the visitors.

30356.com No fours and “only” 5 letters. Over under $740

30356.com:$810. Numbers, I knew what you meant.


XAXO.com Another XLXL.com. And with the same result. A high price

XAXO.com: Auction ended unsold $2,200. This use to be end user pricing.

AUDO.com I can see why the seller is so proud of the name

AUDO.com: Sold by Negotiation $4,501. Why does everyone comment saying great name? Don’t comment. Bid.


HHCL.com Awesome letter and thus the most bids on the Namejet board today. Ends today

HHCL.com: $1300. Something Something Community Learning.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

HairConditioners.com 44 bidders think they can do something with this one

HairConditioners.com: I wouldn’t develop this if I did have the time.

Wimsey.com Popular last name. Also 23 years old

Wimsey.com: $1600. Well aged. Nice name.

XPXS.com Another XLXL.com. I don’t know why I have such a crush on this type……but I do

XPXS.com: Random thought that has nothing to do with value. I like when there is an XS because it sounds like Excess.

TheHamburger.com One bidder at $12. I think its worth more. But I really do like hamburgers

TheHamburger.com: I do too! The names are powerful imo. This would be a great name for a diner.

DJSex.com Evidently a lot of people want to be called DJ Sex

DJSex.com: What kind of parties does DJ Sex get booked for and can I go with?

4962.com Opening bid is $13K and I’m not sure that’s too far off the value any more

4962.com: 13k and it starts with a 4. No rules.

9QT.com Bottom of the NLL.com is $750 so has some room to run IMO

9QT.com 9 Quality Trips.

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  1. Glenn

    Yes , Aaron , I totally agree with you regarding the “Great name !” comment on the Flippa auctions. If the commenters think it’s such a great name then they should bid.
    It is highly annoying to get 30 “Great name !” comments and other irrelevant comments in my email inbox when I’m “watching” auctions. I’ve actually had to “unwatch” auctions because of this.
    IMO Flippa should only allow the seller to post comments. If a someone wants to comment or ask questions they should private message the seller.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Yeah, I hate getting blown up with emails like that and have unwatched for the same reason. It is almost as bad as the same name going to auction like 50 times. IT’S NOT GOING TO SELL!. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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