Jun 02 2015

Welcome to the Recap. My Comments are in Bold.


OSSD.com 17 years old and no vowels. This thing is going to go very, very high

OSSD.COM: 46 bids for $1,925. In reply to the comment on shanes list. O is not a vowel, it gave up its vowlship yesterday.

iTakeout.com I don’t like I names but the 3rd party takeout business has taken off and its a pretty good name for that

ITAKEOUT.COM: $765. Don’t forget the egg rolls.

GINJ.com Ewwww, a vowel. 17 years old

GINJ.com: $284. This is a phase kids go though after the grunge phase.

ComeMakeMoney.com Opening bid is $190 and I think its worth that. Great marketing name for the price IMO

COMEMAKEMONEY.COM: 0 bids starting price of $190. We are all already doing it. well some of us.

TerribleDomains.com No bidders. My favorite name on the list. Has a ton of possible owners

TERRIBLEDOMAINS.COM: 3 bids for $23. Was that comment about me? Oh I get it, pick on the new guy. Real cute.

WorstDomains.com Even better. No bidders here either

WORSTDOMAINS.COM: Never had a bid. But you can Buy it now for 11 bucks!

LoveYouBaby.com Love you too

LOVEYOUBABY.COM: $501. I knew it!

DrCoin.com People still buying Bitcoin names?

DRCOIN.COM: 33 bids for $222. well thats a big NOPE. When you create the logo do a coin with a moacle and an oldschool doctors bag. Moonlight Grahm meets a penny.

PBDY.com At a pretty good price IMO considering other similar sales

PBDY.COM: 42 bids for $438. Peanun butter dessert yummy. Enough said.

TGXX.com Of course it’s over $1300. That’s a stupid question

TGXX.COM: 27 bids for $1,450. My favorite LLLL.com today.

GXYC.com But that’s nothing compared to this one

GXYC.COM: 31 bids for $1,500. This is a nice one too. ok twist my arm and I would own them both.

SZNW.com Again, no vowels. thus the price

SZNW.COM: $690. Another big sale from what the value would have been last year.

XAOJ.com Throw in a few vowels and you can save $1000

XAOJ.COM: 17 bids for $115. You better believe if this read XO AJ I would have been all of this.


OrganicSeed.com As a person that sells seed I can testify that people are looking for organic seed. Although I don’t see why it matters. But its not what I think

OrganicSeed.com: Auction ended unsold at $601. I like this one for a brand. Investment firm.

Pole.io Under $10. If I’m going to use a dot io I want to have a short memorable name. I’m not a buyer of dot io but if this one is low enough reserve I will be

Pole.io: Ended unsold at $12. No idea what I would do with this. Stripper startup?


Permissions.com 19 years old. I have very few in my own home. Nice brand

Permissions.com: 106 bids from 89 bidders $2100. I love this name. Estibots at 35k.

BBAI.com Was worth more last year IMO. But could be a value because people are concentrating on the likes of the Chinese market which is not the only market

BBAI.com: 113 bids from 81 bidders for $1,231. 2 vowels and still breaks $1,200.

RiverCrest.com Thousands of things and places with this name

RiverCrest.com: 97 bids from 77 bidders for $3,451. Cant believe this almost doubled Permissions.com.

CapitalCity.com Even more here. One of my favorites on the board today

CapitalCity.com: 160 bids from 124 bidders for $4,926. Wow. I like it, but dang big price.

GeneStreet.com Genetic testing domain for $69. No bidders

GeneStreet.com: 6 bids from 6 bidders for a whopping $69. Not sure how this one will do, needs to find the right buyer.

BoyAndBoy.com Gay marriage is almost legal everywhere. No bidders

BoyAndBoy.com: Never had any bids.

Embrace.com Add this to boyandboy . Has just a few bidders

Embrace.com: 164 bids from 150 bidders for $18,877. Great domain name.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Food2You.com But this is more likely to be the type of name they use

Food2You.com: Seriously is someone bringing me food?

5480.net At $100 at press time

5480.NET: Not terrible. I would own it.

ZUXF.com Under $50 which is as cheap as I’ve seen a LLLL.com in the last few months

ZUXF.com: Well that Zuxf. It could catch on.

XBCV.com I’ll list a few of the cheapest in case you just want to buy a few to get in the market

XBCV.COM: not sure but I think 10 for 65.. probably wrong.

XBKV.com Buy looking at the results you can see if a name has an A,E,I,O,U,Y, or V it is worth less. And that could change by Wednesday or Thursday the way things are moving.

XBKV.com: What if I own an LLLL that is comprised of all the letters you listed as non valuable?… haha.

FXWF.com All good letters according to the above. It’s early but its at $20

FXWF.com: Federally Xpidite Wool Forever.

PocketAdvisor.com My advice would be to have them

PocketAdvisor.com: I like this for an app name.


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  1. zeeko

    Nice review .. apparently LLLL’s are going to be the successor of LLL gold rush when it cools down .. “XAOJ.COM: 17 bids for $115. You better believe if this read XO AJ I would have been all of this.” , what is so special abut XO AJ ?!!!!!

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hey Zeeko, Thanks for reading. XO XO is a common salutation at the end of a letter meaning hugs and kisses. AJ is my initials. It was just a little joke, that is obviously not very funny. 🙂

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