Flippa – A Look Forward: OOO.net, Shared.com, Aron.com, OF.org, Rome.org

Jun 01 2015

oooReserve Met and Will Sell

OOO.net – Three Os (not zeros). Is already doing well at $5k, with a week to go. The .com is developed into a Chinese language site that appears to provide sports scores.

Anoraks.com – A type of coat. The plural has 3,000 searches per month, while the singular has nearly 50,000 per month, per Estibot.

MVGJ.com – Under $100 at press time.

TNBY.com – Same as above.

DomainLawyer.net – Most domainers wouldn’t hire a domain lawyer that promoted their business on a .net.

Reserve Not Met

Shared.com – Flexible name….lots of uses….and the pricing reflects it.

Rome.org – Great geo.org.

Stockholm.org – And another.

SFI.com – at $25k

JIJ.com – at $30k. Sadly, I almost bought this for around $10k a little over a year ago.

Aron.com – It’s missing an “A” for my name, but not this domain investor.

OF.org – I don’t see a ton of LL.org hitting the market. The only one NameBio shows as having sold this year is ZB.org for about $10k. This OF.org sold for $8k last year at Sedo.

FixedLoans.com – Sold for $9,200 at NameJet back in 2010.

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