Jun 29 2015

Welcome to the Recap! My comments are in bold.


GardenAngels.com Angels are one of our best selling statues for the garden. But of course there are other uses for the name as well. i.e. anything that helps in the garden

GardenAngels.com: $787 I Just have busts of myself in my garden. Its glorious.

MyFitClub.com 15 years old. Not a bad fitness name for under $50

MyFitClub.com: $306 Solid name. Lots of people have groups that they run with or do cross fit with.

HomePrices.org No bidders. I think it works perfectly for a home price website. Makes it sound official. Most of the home pricing websites should use .org anyway since they don’t make money

HomePrices.org: $180 This as a .org isn’t too bad

TheCouponStore.com One bid. Buildout a quick site and flip

TheCouponStore.com: $186 Another cupon site? Good thing people will never stop looking for a good deal.

MLD.cc The LLL.cc are starting to break though the $1K mark. (only a special few, many are worth $15)

MLD.cc: $1,225 Major League Dad. Ya ya I know its a .cc.

DDXH.com As opposed to LLLL.coms like this one that break it every day

DDXH.com: $900 All the right things in all the right places.

RuralTV.org 3.9K backlinks and thousands of visitors per month.

RuralTV.org: $355 Another good fit for the .org. I love to hear people pronounce Rural.

PlayGamesInstantly.com Because I don’t want to wait 5 minutes to get my game on

PlayGamesInstantly.com: $510. If I am not playing before I know that I want to play the game companies are doing it wrong.

MHWX.com My Hair Wax. Doing well . The domain, not my waxing.

MHWX.com: $900. So the waxing went bad? What did they take skin? What happened?

GJNW.com I like these types of LLLL.com because they are appealing to the Chinese but the end letter works well in English as well for Worldwide

GJNW.com: $335. Go Join North West.


MAJ.com Great name. All comes down to the reserve

MAJ.com: 16 bids for $22,000 Auction ended unsold. Major. I like This one.


ADGC.com As good of an LLLL.com you can find for English speakers

ADGC.com: $1,618 Awesome Dog Grooming Chick. I’m reaching.

Wooty.com I like these kind of 5L.com brands but only 7 other people do too

Wooty.com: $460 Not too bad a brand.

Puka.com Yes, puka as in puka shell. Love it. The domain, not the necklace

Puka.com: $8,977. Damn good name.

OceanEnergy.com Pure chance this comes up after talking about Oceanics above. Buy both and start your wave power company

OceanEnergy.com: $4,100. Love this name. Love it.

NJSN.com New Jersey Sports Network

NJSN.com: $600. New Jersey Security Network. Sports is better.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

2268.net Haven’t seen many NNNN.nets at auction lately. This one reminds you they still have good value

2268.net: Couple repeating numbers and ends with an 8. I wonder what pricing on these will do.

4804.net Even the flanked by fours varieties

4804.net: does one 8 balance out 2 fours for this NNNN?

HKHD.com Hong Kong High Def

HKHD.com: Hong Kong Hotel Decorator.

TacoPalace.com Only one bidder. There are A LOT of Taco Palaces across the US

TacoPalace.com: Who doesn’t like Taco’s?

PersonFinder.com As discussed on DomainSherpa.com People finder sites seem to still do well.

PersonFinder.com: Did’t know that this was a thing. I like it, says what is does!


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

MAJ.com $182,000

PersonFinder.com $67,000

Puka.com $17,000

GardenAngels.com $9,700

OceanEnergy.com $5,500 Told you I loved this one. Think its worth more than this.

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  1. Michael

    Oomi.com went for $130K at DropCatch. Three bidders above $100K, so seems legit. Even if Oomi is the name of an interesting start-up, it still is spectacular.

  2. Sridhar Raj

    I bid on thecouponstore.com till about 170-175 given it was an aged domain, gave up after I set myself a 175 limit…. zero traffic and did not like the “the” prefix. That was fun 🙂

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      That is what you have to do Sridhar, Set a budget and work within it. That is a fun name, I wasn’t a bidder because this would be a project and I have enough of those right now. Thanks for reading!

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