Jul 23 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.


TimberFrameHomes.com 1996 name. I watch those remodel and home shows like everyone else and know that timber frame homes are getting real popular. Not sure why people are tired of homes made of pressed wood

TimberFrameHomes.com: $1,625. I love the rustic look of a timber framed home.

MyFreeLogo.com Lots of money in free and lots of money in logos. Two times free is 10. No bidders. $12

MyFreeLogo.com: Didn’t sell, BIN @ $11. Awesome math.

KXTG.com Terrible English acronym letters. Should do well

KXTG.com: $915. Yeah, I’ve got nothing for this one. Should break 1k though(written 40 min before the auction ended).

ChicagoFreePress.com A gay tradition from 1999 to 2010. Did very well until it didn’t. Could rebuild it out and I think you’re just the guy

ChicagoFreePress.com: $511. No I don’t think I am the guy to build it out. I have 3 projects on my plate right now. Trying to put the final touches on one right now.

VelcroLewis.com No value but would make a great superhero name. He can stick to anything

VelcroLewis.com: No bidders. BIN is $11. Haha I want to see the movie for this.

LikeMore.com Figured it would get a few bids because its two simple words and has the word like

LikeMore.com: $463 a lot of companies that sell likes for your Facebook and this could work as a consulting for Social Media.

WagTag.com No bidders. 11 year old. Great name for pet tagging. Either chip or collars

WagTag.com: $380. Perfect for that or just as a cool pet brandable.

Fireplay.com Talked about this one the other day. Nice techy sounding name

Fireplay.com: $1,225. Sweet name, and when it sounds badass your asking price can be badass.

CrowdCash.com May be one of the better crowd funding names I’ve seen come up for auction in the last few years

CrowdCash.com: $4,876. Solid name. I like the double C words and they way it sounds. I also like the word Cash in this one the crowd brings the cash and I bring the product.


InventorsFund.com Reserve Met. Nice Venture Capital name and a good price at $100 IMO

InventorsFund.com: 22 bids for $202. Obviously not as strong with the S but still a decent name.

Evaluation.org 18 years old. Nobody likes being judged but call it an evaluation and everything is cool

Evaluation.org: 46 bids for $365. A DH domain sold! nice. This is a good deal IMO. But I have a .org I can’t get rid of so what so I know?

Sighted.com Great reddit type name. Saw it online theme

Sighted.com: 15 bids for $1,000 Auction ended unsold. This would be a cool name for star gazing or telescope sales.

LoanRates.com Great name but has zero chance of selling here. Look at the action… eh

LoanRates.com: 16 bids for $6,000 Auction ended unsold. Damn good name. Worth way more than 6k.

WeddingConsultants.com Should have WAY more bidders than this. I looked twice for a typo because of the lack of bidders

WeddingConsultants.com: 10 bids for $500 Auction ended unsold. This is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry. MULTI.


ABU.com 19 years old

ABU.com: 348 bids from 208 bidders for $35,000 Reserve not met. Who doesn’t think about the Monkey from Aladdin?

SuperPantry.com Can’t imagine Super Pantry convenience store will let you have this one

SuperPantry.com: 18 bids from 18 bidders for $69. Lots of food.

LatexGloves.com They’re for much more than food service and probing

LatexGloves.com: 87 bids from 84 bidders for $3,766. BIG product. There is a buyer out there for this.

LongTree.com Doesn’t mean anything and that’s why its a great brand. Two known short words always makes a good brand.

LongTree.com: 33 bids from 29 bidders for $560. Sounds like a golf course. I want to play now. Great.

GESO.com No bidders. Actually I didn’t even check. Pretty sure there are some bidders though

GESO.com: 114 bids from 109 bidders for $3,505. Kinda sounds like queso sorta.

MoneyMarketAccount.com A lot of discussion about this one on DomainSherpa. Dave and Adam really liked it

MoneyMarketAccount.com: 134 bids from 120 bidders for $7,600. I really like it too. Long but searches and CPC.

Shoes.xyz Anyone who buys and sells domain should at least watch this to see what it goes for. Big keyword and .xyz are actually selling in a resale market which can’t be said for too many new Gs

Shoes.xyz: 53 bids from 36 bidders for $400. I wonder if this trend will keep going.

XUUP.com Fails the radio test miserably but I still like it a lot

XUUP.com: 39 bids from 35 bidders for $145. I like this domain too. Terrible domain to say but a good one.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Avemp.com I think that all 16 year old 5L.coms that can be pronounced are worth $12. No bidders

Avemp.com: Avenue Empire, the spin off of Boardwalk Empire

Krebby.com 6 letters but still 12 years old and only $12 with no bidders. Good brand for the price

Krebby.com: Looks like this might also be a style or name of a really really ugly shoes.

LearnShit.com The generic for Khan Academy. No bidders at $12. 12 years old

LearnShit.com: Looks like someone picked this up for the BIN @ $11. I like this name actually, feel like it might have been better as LearntShit.com. That was sarcasm.

XSO.net Under $1000 is a good buy here in my opinion. Because I think dot nets are 5% of dot com and this is a $20K dot com. But I never really buy LLL.net so don’t listen to me

XSO.net: Didn’t sell, reserve not met. Guess it all depends on the reserve.

88245.com Two eights make it great

88245.com: I would have said an 8 and an 8 to make it great. Do you see what I did there?

146.cc Most NNN.cc have crossed the four figure mark.

146.cc: Crazy how far these have come so fast.

3178.cc And many of the four numbers have crossed $500

3178.cc: Ditto.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

LatexGloves.com $196,000

Abu.com $178,000

LoanRates.com $119,000

MoneyMarketAccount.com $23,000

Geso.com $15,000

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