Aug 02 2015

The Recap today will be from the July 30th list. I will hopefully catch up tomorrow by doing the Recap for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I have had an interesting week. I was back east for like 28 hours for work. Had a great time but it threw off my hours and days in my brain. I guess Shane had the same problem. I have been so busy with work and the new baby I have really let my yard work get away from me and the garage is a disaster as well. I am planning on fixing those situations in the morning. I will also be helping my dad in the next couple weeks re doing his back yard. We are digging out where the foundation for a new shed is going to go. We are then taking the dirt to the other side of the house where we be putting in a raised vegetable garden. After that I think we are going to build a brick oven for bread and pizza.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold.

GoDaddy from

BuyEasy.com 17 years old. Anything that makes spending money easier is always welcome. May hit 4 figures

BuyEasy.com: $1,825. Sweet name.

ComSouth.com The big company uses the dot net. 20 years old

ComSouth.com: $510. Nice age, They would obviously want this.

AYAE.com Three and a half vowels. Not hot but still good IMO

AYAE.com: $162. I like this one too.

QZTM.com Q for Quality. Over $300 as expected

QZTM.com: $500. Q for Qurious. Yup, Curious with a Q.

WYGW.com Should cross $2K if past auctions are any indication. I am a bidder

WYGW.com: $1,625. WhY George Michael.

XDPP.com These prices are just amazing. Another boat I missed on the first round

XDPP.com: $770. Amazing is right, big number for this name.

TSJK.com And this one is doing even better

TSJK.com: $800. This one ends with JK there will be a buyer eventually.

WZWC.com Anyone looking to spend 4 figures on an LLLL.com? I have one here for you

WZWC.com: $1,000. I like the repeating letter but 2 W and a Z? I feel like I am confused all the time.

SJQM.com $630 at press time. 10 years old

SJQM.com: San Jose Quality Management.

XQCM.com Same price, same age

XQCM.com: $650. CM for Content Management.


kZ9.com Now we have to start looking at the two letters in CCC.coms to make sure they are Chinese friendly. This one is and the bids are showing it

kZ9.com: $1,500. I like LLN names and this one just sounds good when said.


YSBY.com No vowels, 9 years old. A Chinese name with English uses

YSBY.com: Auction ended unsold at $500. If a Y counts as half a vowel wouldn’t the re be one vowel total?

Face.io I know one company that may want this

Face.io: $1,001. Really? Who?

FOXO.com The eternal, up for auction name. Can’t believe it hasn’t met reserve at this price

FOXO.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. I don’t understand the idea behind re listing so many times. It gets to a point where it de values the name.

ElbowRoom.com Loved this name when it was up for auction last time. Can’t remember if I lost or if it didn’t meet reserve. Still like it

ElbowRoom.com: Auction ended unsold at $300. Nice name. Still ended unsold.

RadioProgram.com 20 years old and under $100 at press time

RadioProgram.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. Another name relisted. at least this one it might be the first re listing.


TWRI.com 19 years old. Don’t worry about the I, you’ll be fine

TWRI.com: $266. Sounds cool. Great start up name.

Creeks.com The end user is probably going to use it as a possessive and not sell creeks. 18 years old

Creeks.com: $3,080. There are some creeks north of here that I like to hike too.

DebtSolutions.com 19 CPC and debt names of this quality can easily go for 5 figures. This one is 33% of the way there

DebtSolutions.com: Great name.

CreditAnalyzer.com Might as well buy this one to go with it

CreditAnalyzer.com: $609. These type of names always seem to do pretty well as build outs.

TTCX.com Good Chinese name. Might get a deal here

TTCX.com: $2,013. Good letters for a Chinese buyer.

Swiff.com Another nice short brand. Will have to keep them from going to swift though

Swiff.com: $1,410. Swiffer too.

MCHammer.com Only the best 90s dancer E….V……E….R

MCHammer.com: $580. Who is MC Hammer?.. JUST KIDDING everyone calm down.

GoingOn.com Looks like the former startup didn’t quite start up

GoingOn.com: $7,800. Will this site explain what “it” is? The tell me all the time they I have got “it going on”.

PreMortgage.com High CPC and easy name to brand for those doing homework before they get their mortgage.

PreMortgage.com: $344. Easy build out.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

EFSB.com 19 year old LLLL.com

EFSB.com: Electronic Funds Something Something

89839.com 7 years old. I’m not giving you many keywords on today’s list am I?

89839.com: No you are not. I like this numeric quite a bit though.

WordMarket.com Good domain name site name. Under $40 at press time

WordMarket.com: Blog, content writing services, news and many other uses.

VeganKitchen.com 3 very nice Vegan names on the board at Namejet today

VeganKitchen.com: I like this one the best of the bunch imo.

VeganHome.com The second

VeganHome.com: Decent name but I like kitchen better.

VeganFarm.com and VeganFarm.com Might as well buy the pair

VeganFarm.com: Assuming you are missing an S.. I don’t like these all that much. You can’t grow something vegan can you?

MCHammer.com Only the best 90s dancer E….V……E….R

MCHammer.com: $580. Who is MC Hammer?.. JUST KIDDING everyone calm down.

CENI.com 172 bidders can’t be wrong

CENI.com: Love it.

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