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It was sloooooow, particularly compared to Q1 acquisitions.

The primary reasons include (1) I consistently got outbid, and (2) my day job was crushing me, so I didn’t take the time to focus nearly as much on domains.

Below is a sample of my acquisitions from the second quarter of this year.

Handful of Domains

  • Including a few which I’ll hold onto for awhile, and a few LNL and NLN which I’ll flip. The majority were acquired from a seller I’ve been buying from for a couple years. Extremely liquid.

  • I’m not much of a “-ing” domain fan, but the price was right for this one, I like the root keyword of “tranport”, and I like the $5+ CPC and 10,000+ searches per month, per Estibot.
  • Car / truck / freight transport and logistics are big business, and there are some “transport” domain comps to support that, such as for $16,000 last year, and for $85,400 in 2012. Of course, those are apples / oranges comparisons.
  • There are many companies that use “transporting” in their domain name and might be looking for an upgrade some day, such as,,, and many more.

  • It’s a flexible one word domain that I believe could be used for anything from security, to mystery, to health, and more.
  • I’d rather have the singular, but it sold for $67,500 back in 2012 and the site is developed and raised $3 million in funding earlier this year.
  • There are many other sites which use ‘shadow’ in their domain and may be seeking an upgrade some day, such as which raised $8 million in funding earlier this year, and which has raised over $20 million.

You’re welcome to share any of your recent acquisitions, or critique my short list above.

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Domain Spotlight:

10 Replies to “Some Q2 Domain Acquisitions”

  1. Great post Shane and good luck with your acquisitions I like all of them. Just a question. Where to go to view all funding raise information ? which sites do you suggest?
    Thank you

  2. Nice names Aaron; where do you manage to buy most of domain names ? Best regards, Marian

    1. Marian, anywhere I can find them! The popular auction houses (NameJet, Flippa, Sedo, GoDaddy), the forums, and in private.

  3. Great name you have for

    Just bought Cruising.News ( $150+ ) was taken, cost $1299.99, too expensive for my investment portfolio !

    My potential buyers may be from , , etc…..

    But Estibot value for just $1000, Cruising.News estibot value just $570 , meaning nearly 4x ROI !
    (but I normally don’t believe estibot valuation, I always believe my own instinct and gut felling) Domain value is detected by what market/people prepare to pay!

    I am happy with 4x return if it is true valuation by estibot….
    if I keep for 5 years plus, it can be worth a lot more like $xx,xxx…..who knows! Time will tell.

  4. Hello Shane,

    I was wondering if you could give me some insight on the domain i have ( Recently im getting inquiries about it and some serious offers. But what is it worth? Its all chinese folks making the bids. But i dont know if there is any chinese auction site (in english) that i can put it on?

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